RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


I forgot to put it here, but I received that Saturday:

Very well made, from China. The label is alright, a little bit low def but that’s only really visible on the Super Nintendo logo. The innards are very clean too, and made from an original Nintendo board. The EEPROM chip fits properly without an adapter board or a mess of wires. Only two wires connect pins to stuff, and I can’t see any cut traces. The battery has been changed, though I wish they put a battery holder instead of soldering a new battery in. Overall I’m quite happy with what I received!


Yeah it’s why I keep my Dreamcast around…with a little puzzle fighter or power stone here and there.


Just talked to a guy in an effects shop and I’ll be picking this up on Saturday for the grand total of $0. Looks to be in great shape going by the pics. PVM 1354q


Thanks! I thought it was a FV300 or 310. There’s a 27FV215 FS locally but the 27" model doesn’t support YPbPr.

[edit] Sorry it was an 27FV15, not 215.


Wait for the 310 man it’s worth holding out for!


I’m in no hurry, not much space for one now anyway. Stupid nonsensical CRT searching, lol.


Very nice. How much was it? I’ve been looking for a cheap star fox 2.


I paid £49.99 with free shipping. Unfortunately the seller only had two, and they’re gone.


Same. Really want to find one but all that keeps popping up is literally every other trinitron model.


My copy of Socks the Cat finally arrived:

I picked up a couple of games lately. I was really happy to find a $15 copy of Witcher 3 and Bravely Default. R-Type Delta was $36 after a 10% off coupon.

Also my monoprice component splitter arrived and it works well. Now I need to work on my TV cart and my son’s set up.


I added the Virtua Cop Special Pack to the Sega Tower of Power.


I love the black light gun. It’s just so radical.


Mario’s Picross was the game I really wanted, and it came with an extra Super Mario Land 2 and a Game Boy Color. Nice!


Another trip to another Hard Off… mostly good prices and very well stocked especially and unexpectedly with MegaDrive games. But I only picked up Sonic 2 and the fairly rare Puyo Puyo Sun for Windows 95.

Then decided to go back to the Book Off in Machicha where I got the best deal of the trip so far. Wanted a spare Wii U just for the backup gamepad. I thought 5000 yen was a decent price but it was actually discounted to an unbelievable 3300 yen or $38 CAD.

The rest is from Amazon including the Densha De GO Final compatible train controller. Much easier to pick out exactly what you need.

Also picked up another Vita, new old stock of the Dragon Quest special edition I missed out on a few years ago. Really wanted this since I first saw it and figured it was past time to pick it up:


I’m obsessed with bootleg Lego…

Picked these up over the past 5 weeks,help.




I’ve always thought that vita was awesome. Congrats on the pickup.


How’s the blocks quality compared to the original?



Those big kits are really fun to do. I would get all the city building ones if I had more room to display them but them seem like such a waste to just make and hide somewhere/take down and I’m already pushing it having the Super Star Destroyer, Shield Helicarrier, and Simpsons kits out. Also why I didn’t go in on the Millennium Falcon. Wish they had a couple Futurama ones since the Simpsons ones are so good.