RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Nice pickups

I went to London for a lecture today and went to a pub afterwards as I had time to spare before my coach back home. £6.50 for a fucking pint. Ridiculous, was planning on two but hell no at that price.

That doesn’t really count as a pick up though.


Sadly that’s not far off the price here for a pint off the tap. Beer was pretty pricey in Japan too but this one place had a giant stein, 1.5L of beer for ¥1000. I drank it no problem and all the waiting staff came over to congratulate me on finishing it. I’m like please, I’m Canadian


Picked up this Panasonic Tau 27incher today for a cool $10. Has some convergence issues of course,nothing too bad though and the geometry isnt perfect,but cant expect much better for the price. I bought it pretty much to play through a few Wii games that I skipped out on (Paper Mario,Sin and Punishment,etc). Ran a few systems via component (Snes,Genesis) and they look really good! The sound on this TV is OUTSTANDING as well,very loud and fantastic separation.

You know,PVM’s are nice and all,but sometimes its nice to play on a big ass CRT.


Yeah, just sit on the couch in front of the big ass CRT and play old video games. The best way.


Nice grab !

32" crt Master race reporting in !


Need bigger speakers, imo.


They both have a 12" sub in the rear as well.


Dang that’s intense! My set-up shakes my house and I’m just rocking the one 12" sub.


I feel like you have 5 different setups :thinking:


I have all the setups


It must have been an official CRT weekend. I rescued a KV-24FS100, cleared out some space in my sunroom/office, and gave it a nice home.


Perfect fit!


This is an exciting one for me, its Lennus II which is the sequel to one of my favorite SNES RPGs Paladin’s Quest. Even though I’ll play through the english translation on my SD2SNES I wanted an actual copy.


Nice! What model # is that?


Is this in your man cave? I have some serious Sony 310 envy here. I really want to get one of these. I found a 210 this weekend but I want to hold off. I probably shouldn’t because who knows if I will ever find the model you have in a 27". I like the new setup a lot. Seriously, how many set ups do you have these days?


Socks got more set-ups than Nemo’s Urien.

Where my FGC people at?


RGB lacks a retro FG thread.


@dubc it’s a 32 FV310

@Kawika it’s mostly the same setup I just keep re arranging it to try and get something I’m happy with. I’ll post some updated photos when I’m not knee deep in house work

@New002 Nemo is great but RX has the best urien of all time


This guy FGCs.


I love fighters. 3s/cvs2/mvc2 being my all time fav. It’s why Dreamcast will always have a place in my setup…and my heart.