RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Really good actually. Colors are spot on and clutch is excellent. Not bad for 1/4 the price. The plastic feels a little bit cheaper quality,I’d say 90% of Lego.


Aren’t Wii U gamepads region locked?


The only beef I have with bootleg stuff is you don’t know what kind of chemicals are in them. Plastics can be toxic and I would be afraid to let my kinds near them until I took it to a chemist to see if it has anything I don’t want them touching. At that point, I probably could just buy the normal legos and save the fear.


My tasteless joke to @Kawika . If you’re easily offended don’t view it.

I think at this point it’s a greater risk for your children to go to school then to play with counterfeit lego


Thanks for adding that to all my other fears of being a parent…


We are going to start trying soon and even that is scaring me shitless !


I’m not trying and have no kids and am still scared


Right, I’ll have to look into bypassing that.


Not bad. I would have bought one if the seller had more. Oh well.


Nice to see you can find good deals at your local Hard Off. . In is also really nice for deals however I visited one in Shingu, Fukuoka the other week. Man, they had a lot of stock but so much beaten up crap and priced way too high. I made a video on it which can be seen in my Retro Core thread here.


I had to get the older sibling. Starfox and Starfox 2 are two really different games, the second isn’t just more of the same / a mission pack with new gimmicks. I like them! The second game is more complex in terms of controls so I think I’ll spend some time getting used to maneuver the ship In the original game before diving into the second.


Is there any way to verify if a copy of rondo of blood is legit or not? This seller from Japan has 5 rondo of bloods he started at low bids, so while yay possible deal, I’m worried about fakes since he has so many. Listings say nothing to that effect though:



Looks fairly legit on first glance. 15h left on the auction as I write this … it’ll go up …


Legit or not you shouldn’t go anywhere near a seller with such awful feedback comments.


Don’t post nearly as much as I should but here’s my pickups from the last few weeks:

Going to another retro fair tomorrow, so hopefully another big batch tomorrow!


Wow, I just noticed that. Thought it was too good to be true.


Nice grabs ! How did you get steamworld dig 2 so early ?


Todays PVM pickup,a 1354q in EXCELLENT condition. I can tell this thing has low hours,very bright picture. The most I need to do is probably adjust the yolk because its a little off tilt but besides that it looks fantastic. Only cost about an hours drive in gas (one way).


Lol I remember a few days ago reading a post where you said you had worked your way down to 1 pvm/bvm. Time to rebuild!


Lol yeah I got scared…