RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Haha the what will you do when your CRT dies thread got ya spooked :smiley:

Hey if you’ve got the room hoard those suckers!


Update to the rondo of blood copies I was looking at. All 4 copies have been bid on, in the same order, by the same 3 accounts to boost their value by about $50-60, so either there’s a guy out there that wants 4 copies of rondo of blood or he’s using alt accounts to boost the total for his items, which is against ebay’s TOS. Total scumbag.


Is it early? I bought it 2 weeks ago (and finished it in almost one sitting btw. Fun game, but not that memorable imo). It is not out in the US and other places yet?



Flawless haul


Aaaand came back from the retro fair. Spent too much money, but then you only live once.

Some Snatcher cards, just thought they were cool, not a complete set unfortunately.

And the main haul. I’ve always wanted Spike McFang ever since it was first released, but as it was never released here in Europe it’s always eluded me, until today. Spent too much on it of course, but I had to have it.


Those Snatcher cards are awesome. I love the art from that game.


Some last minute shopping. In person:

And from Amazon:


Evening delivery! You know I’m buying too many games when I forget I even bought one.


What controller is that , is for Xbox Classic?


Yah of course. I saw amazon JP still had new in box ones for a reasonable price soooo yes please.

I had a really hard time just finding good condition used ones in Canada.


Yes, you made a good job , beautiful


How can i find it there? I tried here but nothing for me


Pickups over the past couple weeks.

Some late 3ds games in Strange Journey and Radiant Historia.

A couple pinball games in Last Gladiators and Battle Pinball.

Some switch games in Shantae, Wild Guns, and Bayonetta Climax Edition (box not pictured).


Would only be domestic shipping.


I’d be all over a NIB Xbox controller. They’re all beat to S here in the states as well. ~$40 isn’t bad either.


Back in Canada. Due to a long flight delay I did some last minute shopping:


I love Dragon Quest/Toriyama art. Funny, I never got into Dragon Ball but DQ I always loved the art.


Love that Dragon Ball Quest art.


I uh… ordered from Japan again. These came from seller Japan 4 U on eBay. I might have a SFC Problem with a Capital P.

I think it’s funny that I got Space Invaders two weeks ago and now it’s the score chasing game! Also, this was approximately $10 a game including shipping. The three F1 games and Space Invaders were $0.99-$2.35 each. Return of Double Dragon, which was the game I was looking for originally that led to finding this specific seller, was $20. That was the most. Everything else was between $5 and $14. Shipping was $2.99 for the first and $1.49 for each additional game.

I think the prices were excellent even for importing, but @Yakumo could probably give a better cost analysis than me based on his local stores.

Compared to their US counterparts (and many don’t have one… that’s why I am buying from Japan in the first place), this was a steal.

I am really excited to try Jaki Crush as I love pinball. Also really looking forward to playing Return of Double Dragon and the Twin Bee game. I’m still considering a racing video game Twitch/YouTube thing so that’s why those are in there. Anyway, lots of fun!