RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Man… not really looking to buy any hardware but I have never owned a 3DS and this seems like a good deal? It is unopened and included a extra plate and the Mario 64 DS port. Could get it even lower, too…


Get it! New Nintendo 3DS is the best model and is going for double that price brand new on the second hand market.


Yeah, it’s the model I decided I’d like to have if I get a 3DS…


I literally just got one tonight. It’s my fourth 3DS :persevere:

I’m officially done getting 3DS systems. I got the launch model, the XL, N3DSXL, and now N3DS.

Ever wonder why Nintendo expects fans to double dip on hardware? Welp… it’s probably my fault. Sorry everyone.


No 2DS???


I found a MVS Last Blade cheaply in Osaka which I snapped up. Kind of tempted by a few other arcade PCB’s I’ve come across (TMNT 2P, SF2’TURBO & Mr Driller Great) that were priced reasonably but waiting until later in my trip to see how my finances are holding up before committing.


I’m jealous. Last Blade is awesome.


The Last Blade series really is fantastic.


Nah… never saw the need for it in my personal setup. Any 3DS becomes a 2DS when you turn down the slider.

I saw a lot of hype for the New 2DS XL but really don’t get it other than the reduced price compared to the 3D counterpart. Maybe there’s something I’m missing?

This morning before work I finally had a chance to mess with the standard sized N3DS and even though it’s not an IPS screen it’s amazing how much better the games look at that smaller size.

What’s really interesting is that I prefer the DSi XL to a normal sized DS lite, but don’t feel that way about the 3DS line. I can’t put my finger on why. I think the DS lite is just too small and lacks the vibrancy of the DSi XL.


The original no hinge 2DS is neat in a lot of ways. It’s really comfortable to hold. Everyone thought the design was really ugly at first but some of the white and transparent plastic designs look really sharp.

The new 2ds xl I’m not a fan of. Haven’t spent a lot of time with one but held one for a bit and it has a very cheap feel and lacks the anti-glare coat on the screens which is one of the main things that made the original 3DS XL so great for me.


As I was playing GB Mario’s Picross I was left wondering what other Picross games there were. Apart from the obvious Super Picross and GB Mario no Picross 2, I found this one, which is apparently originally a Korean arcade game. We’ll see how it goes! One can never have too many Picross games.


And the cover unfolds! That’s unusual, if a bit cheap. Also, that’s a lot of controls for a Picross game.


Well there’s the regular DSi size which is between the two?

Generally DS games were 2D so nice big pixels can be good. But 3DS detailed 3D games? smaller screens mean smaller aliasing lines.


I prefer the DSi for ds games. It’s screen is a bit bigger then the ds lite without increasing the overall size and you get the nice clicky buttons instead of the spongey buttons on the lite.


I still have never used a regular DSi.

Does it have the same dpad diagonal issues as the XL? I started using my DS Lite a lot more for some games (DQ9, FF4, Okamiden, etc) that need a lot of diagonal movement because of that.


This is why you should own the N3DS XL

This Monster Hunter grip was the biggest game changer for me. It ruined the system as a portable but it made it the most comfortable hand held i’ve ever gamed on. When I got this, I basically forgot about the Vita. Its my single favorite accessory of maybe forever. I can’t oversell how much this made my tendinitis fade away when playing.

I have fairly big hands so this thing feels great whenever I use it. I wish there was on for the N3DS so I could get a smaller one too.


That thing is super cool. I never knew it existed!


Yeah its so great. It might be getting up in price. I bought it for around $30. The thing is, you can’t tell but there are neoprene pads at the bottom that helps it hold snug and the shoulder buttons are now triggers like a standard modern controller.


Old man sausage hands.

I saw so many different grips in Japan but I just can’t bring myself to kill the portability of a system with it. I have one with r2/l2 triggers for the vita and it’s a joy to use but I always find myself removing it !


I always have a bag with me and the 3DS goes in a case and the grip in a smaller bag. I’ve been looking for a universal controller travel case (like they have for xbox elite controllers and such) that would fit the grip. No luck yet.

I have mastered the Switch grip that doesn’t hurt my hands but the 3DS doesn’t have the same center of gravity so this helps.

Its ironic, why do people with big hands love portable systems?

I am weird so I try not to get anything scratched. Anyway, you can see how the Neoprene pads keep in secure and you can see where the triggers actuate the shoulder buttons.


Can confirm. I love portables and love my Gameboy micros as well