RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Since Hori is the not so unsung hero of fixing Stupid Nintendo Controller designs.

I thought I’d give everyone a heads up that this awesome Hori accessory thats coming in about 2 months.


I saw this when researching but got way less interested when I learned “it can only be used in the handheld mode and doesn’t have acceleration, gyro sensor or vibration features.”

Still hoping Nintendo comes out with something official, but this is better than nothing.


I modded my joycon with d pad shells from AliExpress. Besides being a pain in the ass to install I couldn’t be happier with the result !


Oh nice so you get to keep all the functionality?


I love the screens on the smaller n3DS, but damned if I can’t play it for more than 20 minutes without my hands hurting. Otherwise, it would be my main system.

The 2DS filled a nice niche for my kids with a lower price and no 3D eye strain concerns.


The Switch button dpad is really, really not a stupid design. It’s a smart, deliberate compromise for single joycon play, with a tradeoff.


The joycons make perfect sense given the design of the system and the vision for it. Not having an official D-Pad joycon available to purchase separately at launch is incredibly stupid imo.


I’ve used it once as they intended. The person asked if I had another controller. I did, and they asked to use that instead. The edge case scenario of having two players seems legit on paper but I don’t think the vast majority of switches will ever be used that way. The trade off isn’t worth it. D Pads are essential for retro style games and better menu navigation. They should have at least had an option for that more likely scenario.

Hori made a superior N64 controller, a better option for gba on GameCube, a $20 alternative to the $80 pro controller.

I love Nintendo but there ideas for controllers are often stupid because they want to serve the what if, not the likely or more utilitarian purpose.


I think that’s projecting your own usage to others. We use single joycons for four player Mario Kart at work every Friday. And I have had many random tabletop two player games. shrug.


I’ve used the joycons as intended when playing with friends, as you’ve described, but so what? The fact that there wasn’t an obvious d-pad alternative at the very least is still dumb.


Awesome, I don’t have millennial rooftop parties at work unfortunately. :frowning:

I could say you are doing the same as well (projecting your own usage). Nintendo is to be commended for trying new things. I honestly wouldn’t care about the Joycon not having a D Pad if the Pro Controller had a good D Pad but somehow, Nintendo forgot how to make d-pads.


You got some good deals here. The likes of super double dragon is pretty pricey. Think paid 5000 or so for a mint copy in box 4 years ago. Now it’s way more.


All the rooftop parties in the world wouldn’t have justified the crumulent controller just for the sake of letting it become two crumulent controllers in emergency multiplayer situations to me.


I was holding my breath for alternative joycons. With smash at e3 we shall see if we get a GameCube style joycon. If we don’t, we know Nintendo wont make alternative use joycons


Thanks! I’ve been scouring eBay for a lot of stuff and comparing prices between SNES and SFC games often trying to figure out which way to go if I want a game in my collection. It’s actually led me to lots of really cool stories about how games were localized and what was changed. Super Double Dragon/Return of Double Dragon made it pretty clear that SFC was the way to go even if the cost hadn’t been less because of the changes that occurred between releases. I

I also never knew that U.N. Squadron was based on a manga called Area 88. I plan to pick that up and will probably again go with the Super Famicom version. SFC purchases as we’ve discussed here recently are often cheaper it seems. That also means they’ll be worth less years from now but I’m buying to play this stuff so for me it’s the best option.

I am seriously amazed at a lot of the changes though. Even back when these games were new I knew that there were a lot of changes to many games, but today people have really been able to document the stuff well and it makes it exciting to revisit the library!


It really is the odd thing about the choice. You would think that if they were going to make a controller with such an obvious flaw it would be so they could sell the “better” version. I mean that is kinda what the pro controller is, but even that has a sub optimal dpad which is only more confusing from a company that normally has the dpad nailed.

Like, I’m super happy for all the people out there that use the joycons for multiplayer as intended and I am more then use to being in the minority when it comes to who these choices are aimed at, but right from the start it seemed like an effort in compromise. You get an OKAY controller that can turn into two OKAY controllers, just in case. It defiantly has it’s appeal but again the really odd thing is them not providing a better alternative option for people that just want a single use controller. It really could be as you said, they just don’t want to make alternative joycons.


Like @Kawika said I’m reeeeealllly hoping they announce something at E3 in regard to an alternate joycon.


I posted this once before but it’s worth repeating since we’re talking about this … PriceCharting.com is now tracking SFC games on eBay, along with other consoles and regions beyond NA now. I can’t imagine this won’t have an effect on eBay prices of SFC, Famicom and other non-NA console game prices over time.



I think it’ll have an effect… but one thing that is still a relative unknown to people IMO is that you can play the imports so easily with either the Super Nt or by taking the tabs out of the SNES. Also, people in general seem to steer clear of the Japanese text, however little of it there may be.

I hope to be mostly done finding all I want by the time it becomes a problem. That’s why any order I create in the next year is going to include stuff that’s only been released in Japan before that gets out of hand. I’m also looking at stuff like Knights of the Round, King of Dragons, etc. that are cheaper on SFC by quite a bit over their US counterparts. I’m not playing BEUs for the stories.


My quest to find a copy of rondo of blood continues. Found this one on yahoo jp, but the price is suspiciously low. Google translate is only saying stuff like “some scratches” and “not for nervous collector.” Should I take it to mean it’s just a really beat up copy or is the language barrier obscuring something? It doesn’t look that bad.:confused: