RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Yep, those are all things you don’t come across every day.


Yay! Glad it got there intact!

Enjoy it - it’s a beautiful thing, OG midnight blue shell. None of that repro stuff!


Open that Switch!

BTW I totally forgot you bought the Xenoblade controller too.


I got a Xenoblade controller too. With the newest steam update, it’s my default PC pad - gyro and battery life combo is amazing on PC titles.

Anyhow was lucky to get it on clearance for £40 before they disappeared!


All those things could be broken.


@New002 I really want to buy the Skull & Co grip and case. Can you try it out and give us your impressions. I am afraid its too hard to remove and might cause issues with the switch joycon hinges long term


Local game store was having a 50% off sale so I grabbed some goodies !

I love me some old games guides.

The real score here was Shining force 3. It’s in incredible shape with only some slight wavyness to the manual from sitting in the tabs for 20 years

Some expensive games on that inside cover !


That’s a great price!

@New002 and I both got ours from Amazon Japan when they were impossible to find anywhere in the US/Canada.

For me was cheaper to order it from there including shipping and duty than it would be to buy one in Canada anyway so that was great.


Some stuffs came in. Dragon Saber even had the original receipt in it. Bought in 1994 it seems.

King of Demons is a repro. Normally I’m not into repro’s at all, but this is one of those games that I’m just never gonna own otherwise. It’s a pretty decent one from what I can tell, the cardboard and cartridge are clearly different and cheaper looking from the original, but I suppose that’s to be expected.


Got a couple LPs from Data Discs. My copy of Space Harrier was randomly chosen as one of the 50 to receive a signature from Hiro! Sounds great and the lenticular cover is unreal.


Got a backlit/biverted/prosound modded DMG from a local seller (via eBay, but I’ve picked up a pocket from him before in person). It’s absolutely flawless. Beautiful thing.

Seriously impressive work. Original casing too, not a repro.


Geez, that does look good. How much should I expect something like that to cost me?


This was £84. Worth it. He only puts up one at a time, and they sell pretty quickly. Unlike a lot of the modders out there, he’s pretty much a perfectionist - no dust or pressure spots at all, and he’s even replaced all the caps and desoldered and resoldered every component and connection on the board. It’s badass.

Some more photos:

I also got my daughter a red game boy pocket I found for £15. After a bit of cleaning, it’s in great condition. Not backlit though!


That Gameboy looks impeccable Rich. Nice grab


Yeah, that DMG looks delicious. I’m going to want to get a pristine and modded one like that at some point. There’s nothing like the feel of holding one.


You just sold me on him. That is exactly what I am looking for with my stuff. I got a few modded consoles now that are great and work fine, but have little dings or cracks that trigger me. It’s always my biggest worry when it comes to this stuff.

I haven’t kept up to date on the GB modding, but can it be? I’d like that even more.


Yep! He’s got another one for sale here right now, actually: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nintendo-GameBoy-Original-DMG-01-Console-Backlight-Bivert-Pro-Sound-Game/201890346360

And yeah, the pocket can be backlit/biverted, but it does rule out the use of everdrives/flashcarts due to the extra power draw on the AAA batteries. Here’s the GB Pocket backlit I had previously:

I don’t own it anymore though.


That doesn’t apply to the original GB though like the one he has listed right now, right? I don’t have a gameboy flashcard yet but wouldn’t want to lose that option.


Oh no, I use an everdrive with my backlit DMG just fine. No issues other than obviously the battery life is reduced if you spend a lot of time switching between games (as it uses the most power when writing/flashing roms), but that’s the same for any model.

bear in mind I’ve got a first revision everdrive, there’s no such issue with the new ones that boot games instantly.


Cool and thanks a lot for all the info. I’m not use to just going in on an impulse buy but that thing looks so appealing to me that it’s looking like it’s going to happen. It being like $60 more then other listings I can get is a bit of a hit but the apparent quality may be worth it to me.

Last hopefully questions. How is the ghosting comparatively, as I was avoiding the original GB because of that, and does the extra stuff/flashcard usage effect the battery indicator?

Again thanks for putting up with my questions.