RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Looks pretty good to me.


Here’s my latest get! Been looking for one for ages, and yesterday’s trip to value village proved fruitful:)


This looks great, would love to see it in action!


Nice! There are some for sale at the stores near me. I haven’t bit yet but eventually I’ll get too tempted!


It didn’t come with any games, or screen overlays, but thankfully it has the built in asteroids clone. It was pretty dirty and dusty when i brought it home, but after a round of rubbing alcohol and cotton it’s looking as good as new!


Hi David,

Just a quick mail to let you know that I’ll be publishing the next gaming pick up’s video next week some time. I’ll be adding your games to it.




Very cool. Looking forward to seeing it. Thanks!!





Can you see anything?


Once tilted back up, yeah. Was half in the shade there under a tree.


I’m not going to lie, I love the original Gameboy model.


Now to get an AGS-101 screen in there >_>


This was my haul on Saturday. A local enthusiast was downsizing his collection. The Duo-R is RGB modded. Waiting on Cables from www.retrogamingcables.co.uk. I finally have the chance to play Rondo of Blood in its original format!


Nice score on inbox, and on the Super Grafx I really want one of those some day.


Whats more impressive than you being outside playing a DMG is that the Sun came out in the UK. I’ve spent nearly 2 months in your country over the years (summer only) and never saw the sun for more than 20m to 1 hr.


Well, Goodwill auctions gave me a terrible Mario Paint cart earlier in the week. Today? They totally redeemed themselves as I got a 1-Chip SNES! Super lucky draw based on the serial number.


Got my N3DS. $110 for a new in box one with the kick ass pixel art plate and Mario 3D Land pre-installed.

Question - I bought an SD card and didn’t realize one came with it. Can I just put in my new card and re-download 3D Land from the eShop? I have not yet tied my NNID to the console.


Ooh, lovely pick ups. I bet you couldn’t believe your luck with all of that.


Nintendo related pick-ups spanning the last 7 months or so. Thanks @Rich for the backlit GBA! It looks amazing!


Oh yeah the items on the top left are parts to backlight and bivert mod 4 GB DMGs I have. Also new glass screens.

Unrelated to Nintendo I also picked up two OEM 6-button genesis controllers.