RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


That’s one beautiful Gameboy.

The new revision of the everdrive reduces battery consumption. I have tried it yet but I wonder if it works on a pocket now.


Yeah would be curious to know.


Welp, out of stock now. Time to watch for the next one he lists.


I got myself a trilogy today:

Very excited to play these, in order. I heard good things about them.


So good! My favorite is 4 and Shake It/The Shake Dimension on Wii is also great.


I am super disappointed that there stopped being Wario games in the same style as Wario Land 1 and the Virtual Boy Wario game.


Wait until next week…

The Wario Land trademark was recently renewed, and I swear I heard e3 rumours. could be BS of course though.


Ghosting is barely there.

Here’s a video i took:

Watch in 1080p of course


Looking good, thanks. How good does the pocket you got from the same guy look? Noticeably better or does all the work to the original improve it’s picture enough?


It’s fantastic too, but not hugely better than the original. The extra power draw knocks the pocket down a bit too.

In any case, I messaged him and asked him to backlight/bivert my red pocket for my daughter. I’ll drop it off this week and it’ll be done soon after. I’ll post comparisons then.


I’m still drooling over that Game Boy and wishing my poor impulse control had kicked in and just bought it. Any thoughts or comparisons to a GBC with BennVenns AGS 101 screen mod? I’m probably going to go one way or the other, but not both. The versatility of a GBC is appealing, but damned if I’m not a sucker for the original GB form factor. Plus my GBC library is significantly smaller than my GB.


What is the benifit of getting the GBC over a GBA? The formfactor?

The reason Imma get that original game boy is because of nostalgia really. Still going to get an original GBA with the better screen (when Peagles starts making them again) but I got a real big link to the original GB model. Also why it is easy for me to just know what color I want it unlike with the GBA where I can’t fucking decide as I have no real connection for any of it’s colors.


The main thing for GBC is the screen IMO.

First of all it has a very fast refresh rate so fast scrolling games don’t ghost or smear at all. It also has a lighter gamma than it should based on RGB values and games designed for it look really great – Dragon Warrior 3 in particular stands out as looking significantly better on a real GBC screen than anything else, the use of color in that game is just designed around it.

Plus because of the ligher gamma it’s really pretty easy to see stuff on a GBC screen as long as you have decent room light or better still sunlight.

Installing an SP-101 screen in it just seems wasteful.


A GBC with a 101 screen is fooking sweeeeeeeet.

That’s all :slight_smile:


Added a pretty big addition to the CastleVania collection today (rondo)!


What’s this? More Picross!


I like your approach to collecting Castlevania and games in general.

Getting complete sets of my games would require me to go the import route for most.

I could see wanting to do Mario, Castlevania, Fire Emblem etc but I think once you get to a game like Rondo or X2, X3 on SNES i would start rethinking that.

My goal is basically re-collect all my NES, SNES, N64 and Gamecube Collections. But your CIB route would hurt big time.


Welp. You and that Link’s Awakening shot just sold a Gameboy @Rich. Been refreshing that auction since the last one went down and he just put one up.


You won’t regret it! Dudes awesome.

I’m sending my red pocket to him tomorrow.


I hate that I also have nostalgia connected to the pocket so when you post a video of that I’mma want it too.

Happen to know any other modders that have such a dedication to perfection for other consoles? I’ve been nothing but disappointed by receiving cracked and chipped systems after paying a ton for mod work on a few other things.