RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Found a good deal on a Dreamcast with box, 2 controllers, memory card, and all cables. It’s all in great shape and relatively clean.

The guy says it’s able to play burned games as well, so I guess that means it’s an older model.

I paid $75 CAD ($58 USD).


You just had to show off the fv310 didn’t you. >:C

I also jelly of the Dreamcast. Still have my launch model but box/documentation lost to time.

Wait, saw a picture in another thread, that isn’t a fv310 is it?


Not an FV310 unfortunately.

It’s a 27FS320, you can tell because of the memory stick slot on the front, and the lack of s-video port on the front.

I’m excited to get into some DC though!


Lol was just editing my post after seeing your pictures in another thread where I noticed the memory stick slot. I still jelly but slightly less so.


From the DSi thread…


Nice! Never seen that model before - I’d encountered the original DSi Mario anniversary edition but that was entirely glossy and a different hue of red.

Does the outside cover share the same tone as the inside?


The outside is a brighter red than the inside. It’s pretty, though! Black on the bottom…


That’s a good thing - nice to know it’s still dual-tone like the other models!


Recent pickups.


I love OutRun 3D. Timeless.


OutRun 3D is amazing. I love that M2 refined the 3D from 3D Super Hang-On and made it even better.

I’ll pick up the Sega Ages Switch version if they program some excellent haptic feedback via the HD Rumble whenever you make a tight turn. That might make up for the lack of 3D.


Hyped! … Except for the fact that I’m traveling for work for the next 3 weeks.


yes to all the things


Kinda a silly pickup, but I really loved playing this on PC and it’ll be kinda cool to have it portable.


Is that the same as the DSiWare version? I’m afraid it’s not a very good port if so.


Man that is one fine looking chassis.


I’d expect so, hence it’s a silly pick up, but I don’t really mind hehe.


Got my Duo-R back from Doujindance. I had one of his older modded systems which was a pretty shoddy mess inside. In the past year he really cleaned up his act after pretty harsh criticism and improved a lot. He let me send the system back for complete re-modding at no extra cost except paying for shipping. He sent me a private video of the “re-mod” and the work inside was excellent. With the SSDS3 thing not being an option (for me personally), it’s nice to have the CD functionality again. I gave it a whirl tonight and it looks great, plus no longer has the annoying jailbars in dark colors.


Very nice of him to correct his work! Looks really nice.


I went to the local game store after work and when I got home I had more packages waiting for me. So I scored a ton of new Game Boy, GBA, and DS games today. Also picked up a Game Boy Advance SP 101 version. Love the screen. All of the carts were only $1 each (excluding Metroid and the bagged ones). Mostly just trying to get the original Game Boy games I had when I was a kid and now I caught the collecting bug.