RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Cool stuff. Intellivision is a solid step up from VCS so can be a fun rainy Saturday sometime!


Are they all IPS?

I know on 3DS there’s a homebrew app you can run to report what screens are in the device. https://github.com/joel16/3DSident/releases

Haven’t found anything similar for DS.




Great pickup! I unfortunately don’t have my Intellivision anymore, but played a lot of it back in the day (I bought one for like, $10 from a garage sale with about 30 games). Looks like you’ve got some winners in there: Lock and Chase, Utopia, Tron Deadly Discs, and AD&D are all very fun. I see a couple Intellivoice carts as well, did you get an Intellivoice in the pickup as well? Bomb Squad was my jam on Intellivoice: the system talks you through how to defuse a bomb, and you have to follow the instructions to survive.


No voice, would be fun to pick one up though. They are surprisingly really cheap.

I have a extremely small memory of intellivision as a kid, and I’m pretty sure all I played was Donkey Kong and Smurfs, so it’ll be interesting to play a bunch of new titles.


Chip Shot: Super Pro Golf is a quite amazing golf game, even to this day.


3DSident is the name of the app


Please read my post again


Ah, I didn’t click the link and I thought you forgot the the 3 in NDS. I read it as New 3DS. Normally, I just say DS (DSi, DS PHAT or DSiXL).


No worries

yes I should have just put DS.


Yeah i am just tabbing in here every once in a while, while at work. Typical, half paying attention.


As far as I know, all DSi XLs and LLs have twin IPS displays. Anecdotally I’ve yet to see one without, and Nintendo did make wide-angle viewing a selling point of the product - it was positioned as a device to share your gameplay with others around you and also play them comfortably from any angle (your Brain Trainings will have you sit it on a table after all).


I ordered a Super NT so I figured I needed some snes games. My local game store didnt have a great selection but I picked up a few with a B2G1 sale.


Like @harborline_765 mentioned, all the DSI XL/LL units have IPS screens. DS is one of my favorite game platforms which is why I went all in after the disappointment of playing the games on 3DS and DS Lite. (Don’t like the scaling options on 3DS, Lites have yellowed screens and also ghosting).


Wow… they were doing buy 2 get 1 on SNES? That’s kind of unheard of in 2018.


My local game store did something similar but limited to games under a certain price and the free game had to be less than the first two. Which is totally understandable or else someone would try to clear them out of all the really good stuff.


Yeah, I’ve seen the occasional b2g1 for things under $20, but not usually including anything valuable. At the local stores, anything “in the case” aka behind glass is never included.

You do see a lot of that for PS2 and Xbox these days, though. Now’s the time to raid that stuff if you have things you’re looking for. That’s the next big price explosion that’s on the horizon. Gamecube too I suspect. Some Gamecube stuff is already going up up up!


Yeah all the Behind the glass games weren’t included in the B2G1 but they did allow me to buy 2 from the case and get 1 free from the rack. They were all around $9-12 anyways so not sure why they had $10 games in the case. But of the 6 snes games, I got 2 free. Saved $20 bucks at least. Also the GBA games were $1 each. This was at my local Cartridges Galore store.


Midnight launch / London GAME venue

Right up near the front of the queue

I got a free goodie bag

I was much earlier than these guys

2 x t shirts, pin set and stickers :smiley:


Congrats @Piggychan. Looks like it’s going to be a really great game.