RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Nah I just have a cap kit ready to go. Waiting for a rainy day lol.


Sunday haul of flea market sales!

The GBA was 15€, the Game Boy 30, and the three cartridges 25. Both consoles are in a very good condition too! I was able to test the GBA (and I forgot to give the batteries back oops), but I couldn’t try the GB. With how many consoles with busted displays are on eBay, I was a bit scared. But it turned out fine.

I was very surprised to find Famicom games here, I had no idea. There were a few Dendy 999in1 cartridges too.

And also passed on a Mega Drive High definition graphics with the ext port, as I had spent too much already, and couldn’t justify a second MD.


Some new pick ups this past few weeks. Just got done cleeaning them all. I really need to find a storage solution for all my loose game boy games.


Nice pickups, except Batman Forever shudder


Let me know what you think of The Conduit!


Couple of games I forgot to post


Yea, I’ll echo other people on saying the scaled graphics don’t appear worth the expense for me personally. It’s one thing if it were a cheap mod. But I prefer not to sink money into less than ideal hardware these days when there’s so many options for playing games now.


It’s been a while so here’s what I’ve been up to recently.

Custom firmware 2DS. I loaded all of my 3DS games on it so I don’t have to carry around any carts.

I’m glad I found Raiden IV with the soundtrack for a good price.

Can’t leave out the other Raiden games.

I grabbed some games from clearance:

Library sale:

All games except the xbox one games were $1-$2:

This battle-scarred 5200 is from Goodwill and was mysteriously placed under a wicker basket:


That 5200 is a nice find. I never find games at goodwill.


Thanks! I wasn’t expecting to find it either. It’s getting harder and harder to find stuff at goodwill these days. Most of it ends up online.


Yeh I think I’ll recap my GGs but for actually playing I think the Mega SG will be my go-to.


Is GI Joe any good? IIRC the reviews were not great but nostalgia is a bitch. I loved GI Joe when I was a kid.


Raiden Fighters Aces is phenomenal. I need to get that out again. I adore Raiden Fighters Jet. It’s just so beautiful and perfectly playable. One of the best non-bullet hell shooters ever made IMO.


Oh man, I love MDK 2! One of my all time favorite games… I’ve played through the PC version at least 3-4 times.

It was developed and takes place in my home town! Bioware is still operating here, actually.


I still need to grab this. I’ve lost hope in more shmup conversions to Xbox One BC - it seems like the rights may be the issue given something like Guwange made it on there pretty quickly (since it was published by MS/Cave on XBLA) yet everything else that Cave did off XBLA has yet to emerge.

I’ve mostly been picking up a few Vita games recently - to save space on my 16GB memory card. I made the mistake of picking up most of my library digitally without realising how fragile the 64GB memory cards were (mine failed a year ago) or how poor the save data management was.

No photos, but I recently grabbed two games from Acquire: Shinobido 2 and Akiba’s Trip 2. Both are some of my favourite games in recent years. Janky but often full of wonderful moments when the AI and combat systems play together in strange wars. More so in the case of the former. I’ll have to post something on the other threads about Shinobido 2…took some fun screenshots.


DSI XLs acquired this Fall.

Yellow has the screens with the warmest color cast, yellowish but at least uniform-looking and doesn’t look like a defect (ugly uneven yellowing of DS Lite screens). Burgundy is a bit warm and currently my preferred unit to play on. Red is neutral, maybe slightly cool to my eyes. Blue has the coldest color cast.


Xbox started their Halloween sale so I picked up a couple games. Guardian Heroes was less than $2 CAD, how could I say no???


A friend of mine bought a storage locker at auction and it had a bunch of old Intellivision stuff and a bit of Atari stuff.

There’s 54 CIB games that seem to be in relatively decent shape (other than a few squashed boxes), and a few loose junkers with the labels missing. There’s some duplicates too, that I should be able to resell for a little bit.

The lot also came with an Intellivision and a Vader Atari 2600.

I paid $150 CAD ($114.50 Freedom Bucks™)… Should be fun to mess around with all these old clunkers!


For some reason I find myself winning minimum bid auctions for dirty ass consoles don’t drink and bid online kids.

Today’s installment is a model 1 Genesis. I still have my model 1 Genesis I got for my birthday 25 years ago next month. So yeah, why did I buy this? See blurred spoiler above. High Definition Graphics also play into this, so I tell myself.

As received, yum. It was listed as ‘for parts/repair.’ The connector/pcb for the psu had broken off inside so they couldn’t test it.

Mostly cleaned on the outside, could use a polish or eight and a volume knob. No pics of the inside but it wasn’t too bad (not like my og xbox that was a roach infested dust hole if anyone recalls the joys of that from gaf). I still need to clean out the cart slot and remount the power supply connector/pcb.

After fumbling around confused and not understanding why the power cord didn’t fit, I realized I was trying to use my Game Gear power cord, ffs.

With that sorted, RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE!

Scores are cool and all, but fuck y’all I beat the game! (lol, this is my og note in the back of the manual from 1993, beat it twice on the same day folks, lol):


I do recall :face_with_monocle: