RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Got the Game Boy themed 8bitdo for the Switch a week or so ago

Needed one with both sets of shoulder buttons for better compatibility.


Ooh i like that!


Got this in today from a reddit user,ran home to test everything and its working perfectly! The build quality on the CBOX MVS is outstanding! Running component till i figure out the scart situation.


I’m not sure SCART will provide much if any improvement. That looks impeccable already.


Man…Fire Emblem game prices always make me do a double-take.

Kind of wish I had kept my copy of Radiant Dawn when I sold off my Wii years ago.


It would be just for easy switching. Its annoying to have to change the settings on the 20L5 every time.


Getting that add-on card for component was awesome. I know its only a few seconds of clicking through the menus but having to push 2 buttons to go from RGB to Comp is fantastic.


Here’s my late summer - current pick ups.
I was waiting for my vectrex multicart - came tonight!
As i finished putting everything back away I realized I forgot about DQ11 for the PS4. You’re just gonna have to trust me :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t click that like button hard enough, some great pickups in there!

I need to spend more time with Sin & Punishment but I have loved it so far (in general my Wii gets less love than it deserves and I was way lttp on Wii, got my first one in July 2017).

Castlevania DoS is the DS title I was looking for after playing PoR and OoE. OoE is a damn fine game but I prefer to explore a castle rather than individual levels. It was a nice change of pace that was needed, but wasn’t what I was looking for at the time.

I need to play the Genesis/MD version of Shadowrun. I’ve tried the SNES version, which from what I have read online, is the inferior version. Console wars! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s been ages since I’ve played SNES Shadowrun, but I remember really enjoying it! I definitely want to pick it up as well at some point.


I played a very minimal amount but searched around for info/reviews. They seem to be different games per rpgfan’s reviews.

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Got it hooked up, just need to set up the micro SD card. May have to wait for tomorrow. Currently transferring my Switch’s 200GB micro SD contents to desktop in order to swap in a 400GB card acquired recently. Taking long!


Yeah they are two totally different games, not just two versions of the same.


Ah yea, true. I prefer my 20M2U in that regard because it’s just a button on the front of the set rather than buried in the menu screens.


Couldn’t resist portable Souls. Praise the sun!


Enjoy! I hear the issues with the port are overblown if your goal is to enjoy portable souls. The sound is a bit compressed but nothing so horrible as to make it unplayable. It will be a great experience.


Haha yeeaah. It’s so bad its fun because its bad :laughing:


Turns out I need a nunchuk to play all these Wii games on my Wii U lol. Guess I’ll be picking one up.


Finally caved in! My first non-retro Sony/MS console purchase (as in their current system), not counting the PS1 I was gifted as a kid. I really wanna play RDR2 and some other exclusives. The XB1X version is the definitive/superior one, but couldn’t justify it since there’s not much else I wanna play on XB1.


Enjoy! PS4 library got pretty good over the past 3 years. Lot’s of cool games to play these days.