RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Praise the Sun, this was an expensive month.

Traded in my Xbox One S for $250 credit when you buy a X and it stacked with the $100 off a x if you buy Red Dead. So my new X cost me $150+ tax out of pocket.

Oh yeah, I got a MiSTer


Ooh, always wanted to try the Samba de Amigo Wii port, do let us know how the controls are over at the Wii thread! Had forgotten Gearbox Software developed it too…strange times relative to today.

I was talking about multiplayer Konami games with someone last week and he brought up International Track and Field. then I remembered there was a DS game so I ordered a copy. We’re going to try multiplayer, looking forward to it!


Thanks! That timeline actually sounds about right: some three years ago I was at a store, minute away from buying a PS4, and talked myself out of it. Really thought about it and there was almost nothing I wanted to play on it yet!

The UI, features and menu stuff to sift through is way more than I’m used to with the Switch, WiiU, etc. But most surprising was seeing the sales at shop and how cheap like all their AAA games cost. I got so used to seeing full/near-full price Nintendo first party games all year round, year after year, forgetting that’s not the norm everywhere else.


positively gorgeous, man. hope you got a good deal!


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Will post over in the audio thread as well, but I recently picked up some Audio-Technica AD700X headphones for cheap. They are super comfy so far and as my first set of open cans, (I’ve been happy with the M50s for years), I’m still adjusting to the sound. I think they look awesome to boot!

And just yesterday, I decided to check out my local thrift store since I hadn’t been in a while. What’s that I see in the corner?

No good pics of the whole thing (had to dig it out), but it’s a Panasonic Tau 24"! A CT-24SL14J to be precise. I had to feed my CRT addiction once more, and picked it up for $3. Not had the chance to test it yet (it’s not allowed in the house until I make some space) but man if 24" isn’t a sweet size. Easy to move and still a respectable size for split screen.

Does anyone have any experience with these? I’m hoping to eventually find a representative late-model SD consumer set from all the major Japanese brands (I have Sony WEGA, JVC D-Series, and now Panasonic Tau (also a crappy flat RCA and a surprisingly good Sanyo). Mitsubishi and Toshiba are still on the hit-list. Samsung is a maybe.

They also had a huge Mitsu rear projection screen that tempted me more than it should have and a really beat up 20" RCA (I’ve been scared off by other RCA sets I’ve seen) that had component.

Some backshots of the Tau I took for reference:

Also found some sweet Looney Tunes Floppies as I was backing up a bunch of old files at work. Never saw any like these when I was younger.


I remember having a set of those looney tunes floppies, I used them to save my homework in the late 90’s


My last CRT was a 24 in Trinitron. Sold it when I got my PVM. I thought it was a great size.


Picked up my 2018 GOTY…

(Santa is bringing my daughter her very first video game in two months…)


So, I stumbled into this last night and I think I got a deal. No… not the extension cable, the Fighter Pad! eBay listings put it at $20. I can’t honestly remember seeing one in the wild before. Asciiware so the quality feels good. I have their SG-6 with the super tight d-pad, but this feels better. I still love the official 6-button Controller but this will be fun to try. Happy!


I have the SNES version - I like it!! Wish the dpad was a bit bigger but one of the best third party pads and cool to have six on the face on a SNES controller.


Todays pickup from Doujindance. Unfortunately my BNC to SCART cable just bit the dust (loses sync if you jiggle the cable) so I gotta order a new one.


Couldn’t you bust out the soldering iron and put on a new BNC end for about $1?


No idea how to do that. It’s working fine now,gonna leave it there and not touch it. I’m ordering a backup just in case.


how’s it performing? i bought mine (same model!) off doujindace forever ago, and it was troubled until a keithcourage got it sorted for me!

fantastic system, and im totally getting a turbo everdrive on the black friday sale this year!


Really happy with it. I see zero jailbars and the picture is brighter and punchier than his older mods. I bought one from him a couple years ago and it looked ‘ok’,this ones fantastic.


MONTHS behind but was going though my pictures and released I never posted these even though I took them for here.

Thanks jerk.