RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


I can hear the theme music (and Optimus’ Prime’s narration) in my head…


Whoa, where’d you get that turbo ever drive cover?


Stone age gamer


Lame, they don’t sell covers separately.


Hey if it makes you feel better mine is still sealed lol.


You can get the 3D printed scans of the web. I had a local company make mine years ago. It’s got a nice powdery feel to it too unlike typical janky looking 3D printed stuff. I can take photo if you’d like.
Sadly I’ve long deleted the 3D print files. Can’t remember where there where from either.


A photo would be good! I’ve seen some 3d printed designs but the finish and quality on these stone age covers look like they’re on another level.


No worries. I’m off to work right now so I’ll post a picture once I get home tonight.


Here you go. Photo time.

The label on it was something I made myself.

The second to last photo shows that the cover attaches to the EverDrive via little holes that are built in to the EverDrive PCB. I also put a but of hot glue inder the cover for extra power. I’ve had this cover for well over a year with no problems at all.


Looks nice with label, good job on that. How does the purple look with the device in the machine? I think 3D printing will have to be the way to go for this but I’d probably try and match the console colour.


I’m always on the lookout for Saturn games, and I found this at my local Mega Replay the other day. Good price, too.

Game is really fun and has a great soundtrack. And it was programmed by Cave, which I didn’t know.


I remember enjoying the demo a lot but never getting a chance to play the final game. No idea why but I loved that you dropped out of a helicopter at the start.


There’s even a hidden shooter in there!

You got a steal on that one.


“There’s even a hidden shooter in there!“

What’s this, now? :open_mouth:


Not sure what took me so long to get a Dreamcast, but I picked one up today. I guess I was still salty about the Saturn.


Holy crap that means you held a grudge for 20 years? :wink:


I have a core Grafix so I think the purple looks nice with it. Not sure about the white system though.


Wow, Typing of the Dead! That’s on my list. Hope you like it!


I do, but my typing skills are terrible. I really picked it up for my wife.


Was thinking the same. :rofl:

Enjoy the Dreamcast! :partying_face: