RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Been playing Double Dragon II with a friend lately, trying to finish it. It’s always those damned platforming areas that get us.

It’s a great game though.


Back to back Dynamite!

I didn’t plan on getting them at the same time. I just sorta… did. lol


highly underrated and classic beat-em-ups…congrats m’man!


Picked up some stuff to start off my original hardware RGB setup:

Super Famicom 1CHIP-03 (boxed, not pictured)

2x NESRGB modded Famicoms (got a good deal so hoping to sell one on)

PC Engine Core Grafx (boxed, not pictured)

Super Game Boy 2


3rd time buying this game. Just can’t seem to get enough. Send help!!


My Bard’s Tale IV Barrows Deep Kickstarter backer deluxe physical copy finally came in.


Ooh, pretty. Do you have any of the original ones and what do you think of them?


Oh goodness, that packaging is amazing. Fits in well with the originals (I had a boxed copy of Bard’s Tale 2 back in the day).

I hope Microsoft is prepping a port to Xbox now that they’ve acquire InXile.


For old school computing I’m an Atari 8-bit and Atari ST user and the Atari ST only received the first game. I did play it back in the day and still own a copy.



Delivered on a Sunday. I almost don’t want to open it. The box looks so pretty.


Went out game shopping for the first time in a while and managed to find some interesting non-retro stuff. I love how some of these games are practically given away these days.

Exhibit 1: Xbox haul

I was a late adopter for all 3 of Microsoft’s consoles, but what a time to grab games for those machines. I love the fact that some are backwards compatible, though I was surprised that neither Forza 3 or 4 work on the Xbox One…

Exhibit 2: RPGs

Picked up these bad boys for 15$ Canadian each. I always wanted the FFIV collection on PSP, but could never find it locally. This is the game I’ve been playing on my rides to work lately, forgot how great the PSP feels in your hands.

Exhibit 3: Free bongos!?

No joke, I found these sitting outside a Best Buy next to a pile of other electronics. Free GameCube bongos in 2018! :slight_smile:

Exhibit 4: Something more modern

Got a good deal on this, still haven’t opened it yet. I’m still researching if it’s worth to have as an emulation device to play fan translations in particular… I just don’t know how well it supports stuff like N64, PSP, PS2, GameCube, etc.

I’d love your opinions / experiences though, as I’m still very much on the fence about this one.


Fusion Frenzy is underrated


After missing out on it by just a day on the SE store back in late August, I finally got an Edition of Lost Time for DQ XI for a reasonable price that wasn’t $300-400. Only the retail game was opened and used lightly, all the other items were brand new and DLC is still unused. The art book is thick and very high quality. Very happy with this set overall, it’s probably the nicest special edition of anything I’ve owned.


Variety of Fami/NES stuff. I’m getting the box for Dynamite Batman separately.

Monster in my pocket is a total gem.


Is that a wireless famicom controller?


Oh yes, it’s the 8bitdo NES kit in a Fami shell.

Fami and NES have the same PCB so it fits perfectly, but I’m having to tinker to get the charge line to reach the cord output section. I need a tiny 4 pin ribbon cable extender. Considered cutting and splicing but these are seriously tiny cable lines.

Works perfectly now, but I have to open it to charge.


I need that Dynamite Batman.
Is that Commando? I spent so much time on that game on my CPC. Fantastic game.

On my front, I just received three translated carts, and an EPROM to make one myself:

That’s three games set in medieval Japan: River City Ransom Downtown Special, Ganbare Goemon 1 and 2. Those were originals modded by GamesFromTheGrave on Etsy, who also was kind enough to ship me an EPROM containing the translation of Lagrange Point. I’m just finished with the mod, and those damn cartridges are really difficult to open without breaking anything! Next time I’ll just go through them again for my translations.


Yeah Commando.

Oooh I have all the Kunio Kun games but not translated obviously.


Die monster, you don’t belong in this world!

Mondo has been killing it with their Castlevania vinyl range (with the exception of the Super Castlevania IV artwork). With the release of Rondo and SotN, there’s no more officially announced in the pipeline. Still hoping they at least bring out Bloodlines.

The whole gang (Ship to Shore’s Kid Dracula release somehow snuck in there! :wink: )


That’s better art than the original game art!