RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


some old but mostly new gaming goodies this month.


Looks like a great haul there!

I didn’t expect to pick anything up recently but since everyone is trying to donate before the new year for tax purposes I couldn’t pass things up.


You’ll like stick of truth. It’s well written and funny.


In my quest for fun two players / coop games, I found this one. I’m having fun with on my own, hopefully they will like it too!

(TMNT 2 / TMNT 3 the Manhattan project)


I forgot to reply to this!

There’s a game called “Steep Slope Shooters” hidden in Steep Slope Sliders. Here’s the trick from IGN…


NOTE: You must race ALL original 8 racers on one course before you can use this code.<p>

At the “Press Start” screen press and hold L+R+X+Y+Z+B+C (so the only free buttons are Start and A.) Press Start, then select the Options menu with the button A.<p>

Once in the Options menu, highlight “Exit” and while still holding all the buttons press A and you will come to the title screen for “Steep Slope Shooters”


Dude, that’s awesome. I will have to check that out!


Finally found one of these locally. $13!


2 years late but I got one of these recently as well. I’d never seen one in stock anywhere.

Feels just like an authentic NES controller, which means of course it’s not very comfortable! Glad I’ve got the dogbones for my real hardware.


I also got lucky lately, picked one up at Walmart of all places! :smile:


A few more pickups. I accidently got 2 Super R-Types. Oops.


You can’t go wrong with R-Type and Axelay.


I’ve already played through the game but I rented it at the time. It was $3 at Goodwill so I couldn’t pass it up. I agree it’s a great game. Have you played the sequel? Also congrats on the FM towns!


Thanks on the congratulations. I was lucky with that find.
I’ve notplayed the follow up to Stick of truth yet but will do at some point in time. Maybe after I’ve finished RDR2.


Had no idea, that is so cool. I just love hidden games-within-games.


I noticed a ton of slowdown on Super R-Type. Kind of a bummer. Looking foward to trying R-Type 3, I heard it’s a bit better.


Smashing Drive (GameCube)


R-Type III is one of the best shooters of the generation.


R-Type III is incredibly good.

The 2nd level boss gets me every time though…


Tmnt 3 the Manhattan project is my fav beat em up of all time. Part of it is nostalgia and part of it is the plethora of stages/bosses and my favorite soundtrack of the konami-made turtle games

edit:Also the gameplay is balances really well as a console game. It doesn’t feel like it’s trying to extract quarters from you and invisible frame special attacks can be used with 1 hitpoint(unlike other beat em ups), because the risk is 1 hit after that and you are dead.


Gotta go with Double Dragon 2 NES as my #1
Also from Konami, Rollergames which is half beat em up.