RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


so jelly…<3 vinyl but don’t have the money for these right now (moving soon), hoping they’re not impossible to find for a good price in a few months


Where to?


Well, Mondo has been really good at repressing the Castlevania titles. I started buying when they released CV3. They still had CV2 in stock and did a repress of CV1. With these two most recent releases, they repressed CV1-4 as well. I think these are big sellers for them, and they want to keep them available as much as possible.




Haha I read that wrong.

Re-pressing is an entirely different word from repressing :wink:



an, just futher south in miami for now - we’ll see about the year after, I’m finally looking to buy peppery in the next year or so, and wanted to explore a bit more before finally deciding to plant roots here or not…planning trips to portland and seattle for next year though, and japan as well!

meantime, any of ye out this way can catch a drink on me


Diablo and Switch is a match made in heaven. Running Bounties in portable mode is fantastic.


God damn I want that issue of Fun Club!


It’s like my dream come true but I ended up passing (for now?). Figured I should give some other games a shot lol. Plus I went hard on the last season both on Xbox and PC @_@.

How does the game run on Switch?


Solid frame rate even with a lot going on. Same same for being undocked. Runs really smooth.


I finally got a decent price on it. Last one I needed to complete the #3-7 set that immediately predates NP.

I’ll never be able to get the first two issues, though. That window has passed… crazy high $$ now.


Man if only it was a global account.

Those are awesome. Never seen them before. How much do 1 & 2 go for?


Well, there’s an eBay listing for the pair at $1500 right now, but that’s WAY too high. I would think they would go for a least a couple hundred each, though. I once saw #2 listed for, I think, $40 and I put it on my watch list to think about. This is when they were going for around maybe $50-$75 several years ago. I decided to pull the trigger that night but of course it was gone. They started shooting up to crazy levels not long after. They are somewhat rare, though – or at least you see them listed on eBay far less often then the other five.

Nos. 5, 6 and 7 are quite common. Nos. 3 and 4 are common but a little less so. The went to a magazine-style cover starting with #3 and must have ramped up the print runs considerably after the first two, which looked more like an actual newsletter. The five you see above represent the transition from club newsletter from an unknown niche company out of Japan to an industry giant with its own full-scale magazine as a PR vehicle.


US Neogeo CD version of Gowcaizer, first time I saw one at wild, and It came with other games as well (Hello, my 4th copy of Samurai Shodown 2).


Nice! How much does that set you back?

I already have AES Samurai Shodown II or I’d ask you about those dupes to get it for CD. :slight_smile:


About $35 for 3 games (Gowcaizer, View Point and SS2). They are scratched beyond beliefs (probably from an old rental store), but all of them works. No disk rot though!

Also, they aren’t on the original jewel case (no NeoGeo watermark) but the manuals seems fine.


Wow! That’s a damn good deal! I paid more than that for Viewpoint alone.

I did do some eBay scrounging based on your post though, and there are a number of things that interest me on CD now that are reasonably priced. I think my next purchase will be The Super Spy or Fatal Fury on AES though since those are the last “cheap” AES games for me to get for the most part. Stuff really has gone up on the AES side lately.


Having to start my NES collection over from scratch sucks. I decided to focus on my favorite uncommon titles startinf with these. Picked these up for a good bundled price.


absolutely gorgeous.

i too missed whatever window there was years back on team sega/challenge newsletters from the SMS era, i had most as a kid but only a few survived, now the few fucks on ebay with em just leave them sitting there at $50-100 an issue (they’re like 5-8 pages tops haha) and no one buys them ever.

honestly, gaming mags suck on venues like that. i stopped even bothering with old issues of diehard gamefan years ago for this reason…unless it’s craigslist or someone’s dumping em, the prices are butt