CRTs really are like magic aren’t they? Truly the best.


Seriously. I read a lot of the discussion here about OSSCs and Framemeisters and all the other doodads that people are using to approximate the original stuff and I feel really lucky that I have all the original hardware and many of the games including a nice Sony TV and old monitors, etc. to play on. That said, at some point we’ll probably all need the doodads and my kids most certainly will after I’m gone so it’s all good work being done.


I know I am really really happy for the progress being made in alternative ways to “emulate” the original experience and image quality of retro systems without degradation. Even though I love my CRTs I no longer fear a future where that experience isn’t just gone with noone caring. Things like the OSSC and all the FPGA stuff provide an evolving solution to the very real issue of these older systems and displays dying out/becoming too cost prohibitive.


Yep, the Doodads add a lot. Getting an Analogue NT led me down the path of figuring out the best way to get signal out of all my old hardware on a new TV. That led me back around to tracking down good CRTs. I think that there’s a place for all of it. I tend to spend more time with my old consoles through a framemeister than with my CRT set up in the basement out of convenience. Seeing RGB signal through the framemeister on a modern HD tv was a game changer for me.


Wanted to post a couple screens of In the Hunt on PS1 upscaled through a Framemeister on a 4K OLED. I know some people don’t like 1080p scanlines through the meister but I kind of like them.