As it should be! Love seeing behind the scenes of retro setups and tests.


Looks authentic as far as I’m concerned. This wire shaming has to end. Be free, wires!


Marvel vs Capcom 2 dreamcast in 240p with mimo genius II on a bvm 20f1


That looks flawless. What is the native res of Marvel vs Capcom 2 anyway?


Dreamcast output in 480p without scanlines, different from arcade. The image is very clean if you see in person


Did some OSSC work today. Updated to the latest firmware and dialed in my SNES & 256 & 320 modes for my Genesis.

Sony 4K

Sony PVM 20L5

I love how the ossc works on my TV. It seems every firmware it’s just a tade better. Man, I love the 16 bit era.


Love how the tail end of the rain streaks are thinner on the PVM and how the distant ground texture looks.


Yeah that’s due to brightness. My retro calibration and modern game calibrations ars so different. I ended up being lazy to adjust much of the brightness and color. The 4K reds are never good imo. Always a bit magenta.


That looks phenomenal. Plot twist, have you tried the wiiU @480p over component on your pvm? It looks amazing


480 always looks best in motion. But I hooked up the Dreamcast to the blast city to take this still one.

It’s almost impossible to dial in the focus from behind the cab. I usually just settle for good


Two three SNES?


Playstation 2 Kingdom Hearts 2 running in 480i with scanlines. Looks pretty nice.


Each one is clearly different! Lol

I have a SNES and am currently bidding on two more, bought a mini too lol.


How about some Garou?




Don’t see these pics in here too often… Odyssey 300 through RF… can you RGB mod black and white? Hard to get good pics but I couldn’t say no to a near minty boxed system. Pong is fun as heck!


There’s nothing to RGB mod. You could however do a Composite mod, so that Luma is separate from the sound, and get a picture with less interferences. The problems of NTSC (dot crawl, hue shift, incorrect colours) all come from the colour encoding method. When only the brightness is in the cable, the picture should be as stable as on RGB, except in black and white.


I strongly agree with this. Plenty of games from that gen look amazing when rendered at much higher resolutions but the illusion of certain details is sometimes lost. It’s a preference thing at times. Another personal example for me is I preferred the original SOTC on PS2 over the PS3 version even with the huge FPS boost


I actually never play HD remasters anymore. I always go straight for the original release at native res to see what the intended look of the game was at the time.

So yea, I’m probably not grabbing that Shadow of the Colossus remake.

I’m probably also not grabbing the Dark Souls remake due to the new lighting.

Then again, this is a case by case thing, because I prefer the PS4 version of The Last of Us over the PS3 version.


Good if we have the time to play all versions