I am funny in that way, I really love ports, BC, & remasters (if well done). I am always looking for an excuse to retire 3D consoles. It mostly applies to the PS2/DC/XBOX/GC and beyond. I am loving that the X has really good BC for the original Xbox and 360. I just have no desire to take those consoles out anymore. PS2 & GameCube are a bit different but even Dreamcast has a lot of decent ports out there.

It applies to the PS1/N64 generation to some extent too. I can’t think of a Single N64 game I that had a 3DS port that I would rather play on the N64. I really wish they updated Super Mario 64 DS for the 3DS so it had wide screen & analog support.

Like you said, its a case by case basis. But for me the biggest issue are the camera controls. I have purged down is up and left is right from my brain. It takes forever for me to re-adjust to that. Oddly, I never have the issue using the shoulder buttons for the camera but the minute the analog stick has me going the wrong direction, I just wince a bit and eventually i will tire of it and probably put it down. I could never play Shadow of the Colossus on PS2 because of the Camera. I believe they fixed it for the PS3 port but it wasn’t until the PS4 that I actually enjoyed playing the game. I thought everything else around the game was amazing, I just didn’t like playing it.

Edit: PS3 had a lot of PS2 ports that had adjustable cameras. I think I played the Jak & Dax collection on PS3 and its a much better experience than the PS2 and the PS4 ports. That is the only “old 3d console” i still keep hooked up. I don’t know why but I think the Gamecube (and Wii) hold up much better than the PS2 and other consoles from that gen.


Was about to say Mario 64, but then you said the exact why I feel that way as well; the controls.

But yeah I’m with you generally. I like remakes/remasters. If not botched or downgraded in an important way (such as Mario 64) of course, but I think that goes without saying.


Some Cursed Castilla pics

Love this game.


Cross post of my recent Duo - R pick up.