I have an old entry model Nikon DSLR, I’ve tried taking pics with my old crappy iPhone. but when I’m lazy I just use the elgato screen capture device

RGB & OSSC intro Elgato game capture HD


Trying to get better close ups. Also got a DSI XL for the best looking experience for DS games and I’m really impressed idk if this belongs here or not but oh well.


DSi XL has some incredibly nice screens for a Nintendo handheld of that era. They’re actually calibrated.


Are the regular DSi screens as good? I figured smaller screen sharper. Who am I kidding, I have 2 DSi XLs. I kind of want to do a screen swap on the bottom because I have an awesome Mario one but it as a small dead zone. Where my DQ blue one is in perfect shape except 1 large spec of dust under the screen.



What game is this?


Silhouette Mirage, on Saturn I believe (also available on PS1).


Yup the Saturn version - game has a lot of character.



I don´t know man, perhaps I was just unlucky, but my XL doesn´t look properely calibrated at all, one of the screens has had a yellow tint since day 1, and it looks like theres different temperature settings in both screens. Im pretty sure I got one of the last ever DSiXLs, grabbed the last one off shelves around back in early 2012, so maybe that has something to do with it. My launch DSLite had similar issues.


Oh sorry to hear that :confused:. Guess I only was speaking from personal experience and general consensus. I am not surprised to hear there are some bad looking units out there. As much as I love Nintendo, that’s par for the course with them, especially as they reduce manufacturing costs.

Switch screens are going through similar issues in more recent productions from what I’ve read compared to launch.


Trying out the new Sonic Mania Plus DLC. Here are some comparisons between running 320x240 to my KV-27FS120 with CRT_Emudriver, running to my Mitsubishi 2070SB at 320x240@120, and then on my 4k using the CRT filters in game.



Samsung 4k TV:


Some random pics.



Do you have a favorite? I tried Sonic Mania on my CRTs, but I missed 16:9 (I know, I know).


Most often I’ve been playing on my CRT Monitor cause I just can’t get over how sharp looks, but I understand not wanting to miss out on 16:9 too! I do play in widescreen a fair amount on Switch though. Personally having played the Genesis originals a lot I’m alright at not trying to go to fast and running in to things I can’t react to with the new aspect ratio, the games 4:3 mode does a good job of cropping down things like the boss arenas. My only complaint are some small areas that just aren’t well optimized for 4:3 like the Flying Battery poles you swing from.


No real scanlines here, just amazing spritework that I used to take for granted.



Capcom’s Hibiki sprite is Gor-Jus!


Some KOF 2000 pics from the past couple of days.