First time playing through Mother 3. Amazing music and sprite work so far. Playing on a Pal Gamecube via RGB and using a combination of the game boy interface on a 20L5 and gba sp. It’s like using the Switch 20 years ago. I’m really tempted to get the Mother 3 Handbook to support the translators,it’s been great so far.

This scene man,holy shit! Would have blown my mind if we got this back in the day,so brutal!


Man I’d love to get a setup capable of that. GBI doesn’t look as hot using composite. Also have a great time playing Mother 3, one of the few games I wish I could erase from my memory and play again for the first time.


There’s a new component/HDMI 2in 1 solution for GCN. Not sure if it’s officially released or if it’s GBI 240p compatible yet though. But it may finally be a solution for those that missed the 1st party component train if it does everything right.

There’s also S-Video which should be a substantial upgrade over composite too. You may want to give that a shot.


Work in progress shot from the NES RGB mod that I’m doing!




Thanks! Still plenty of work to do. I don’t have anything in the case yet. Next up is installing the J-tag adapter and updating the firmware/palettes. Then I need to shove everything back in the case and get it looking pretty.


Are you using any custom palettes? That’s the one thing that really stops me from this mod - each of them seem to be off a bit and I’m not sure which ones I’d want to be permanently on my NESRGB.

Composite looks bad, yes, but to me that’s how NES is supposed to look. This sort of stuff drives me a bit crazy:

Gah… just so insane how subjective this all looks.

This is part of the issue too:

You get different looks depending on the screen when it came to that composite signal.

So I never ended up modding mine. I just let the system do its thing with standard composite. The mod would’ve looked nicer, but probably also would’ve driven me crazy.


Yeah, this all concerned me as well. What I decided to do was install a J-tag adapter and bought an Altera USB-Blaster so I can actually update the palettes/firmware. It seems like Firebrand’s Smooth Palette is the most accurate to Composite that currently exists. I’ve also heard really good things about wavebeam. So my next step is to try out a few other palettes. With an adapter and a blaster none of it has to be permanent. I also set mine up to use a single pole 4-throw rotary switch so I can use my 3 RGB palettes OR switch back to standard composite if I’d like. I get the best of both worlds that way.

This is all with me basically being a noob too. I didn’t know how to solder a few months ago. I’ve just done a lot of research and started doing easier projects first.


Impressive stuff then. You seem to know what you’re doing between this and previous posts on the curio.


Thanks! It’s all from just digging through the internet as much as I can. I watched a lot of youtube videos on soldering and doing an RGB mod for the NES. FirebrandX over at Shmups is an invaluable resource too. Here’s his page on hist RGB palette project.


Yea, he seems very knowledgeable.


Remember reading about the HDMI dongle for GameCube, I belive it fried MetalJesus’ GCN. Haven’t read anything since, cool if they added component support for that. Will look into it!


Looking good. Seems to be perfect.


A little too perfect…

Seriously though, despite my YUV vs RGB hangups, it looks really gorgeous.



What game is this?


Sega Tetris on MD through a Sony pvm. This game has a tonne or amazing early 90s digitized stills. Iconic almost.


I have an S-Video cable I use for my Snes/n64/GameCube and I can confirm it’s an insane upgrade over composite as I own the original composite cables that came with my console too.


Dune 2 megadrive. Sony 13 pvm via s vid. Still waiting on my pvm rgb adapter cable :frowning: