Yes sorry I have edited my post.

Really cool game. I have never played it and I really wanted to start getting into rts so why not start with the grandaddy?

Surprisingly playable with a lot of shortcuts and conveniences built into the ui. Must have been amazing to play this in the early 90s. The devs acknowledge Herzog Zwei as well, which is cool. But I find this more engaging myself.


A few quick shots from trying out some games:

Breath of Fire 2

Bet no one can guess what this is from but I thought it was cool!


Patriotic Dick Ninja: The Movie: The Game


The Legend of Codpiece Kurosagi 2: Giant Attack


Donkey Kong NES Tate hack on PVM 20L5


Batman for the Mega Drive. Running in 4K via the Framemeister. Actually, 720p on the Framemeister with the TV upping it to 4K.


I got a JVC PVM that is going to be daisy chained through my 20L5 for tate games. It will be a while because i need to gut my closet for that.

MiSTer 1080p DMG Filter.

Ghouls & Ghost Super Grafx Core also on MiSTer.

My phone got an update and now I am getting a lot of weirdness. In person that blue looks black. I need to get an OLED Asap.


How time consuming is it to set up common cores in the Mister at this point?


Mister takes more time to read about than it takes to set up. I had the mister running in 5-10 minutes tops. It was way too easy. I actually re read the instructions to see if I was doing it right.


Metroid Zero Mission on Sony BVM 20F1U (please click on image and zoom after)


Well, that’s what i call “real scanlines” or “cross scanlines”. For me that’s the authentic CRT image should be.


Here’s one thing about slot mask crt’s - some of them have scanline effect and some of them not. Still remember 21" Funai crt tv with Scart RGB that did not have them.




Blast from the past, haha. I actually should check that shot again on my 1 chip SNES against my old og SNES (pictured way above). The focus seemed off but it was only on SNES. I didn’t notice it on NES or ps1/2.

I haven’t seen a high TVL monitor in real life. I’d be interested to see how they compare. Some love the higher TVL, some don’t.


Here’s some fake “fat” scanlines XRGB2+ Samurai Shodown (3DO) in 240p mode. LG 31kHz VGA


Savage Reign (Neo Geo), Monitor: Commodore 1084S P1 (Scart RGB, 15kHz)


Commodore monitor! I love the 1084 line.

I have a 1084 and a 1902, they are both pretty amazing.


Sonic Advance 2 GBA in BVM 20f1


Yes, they are nice.


Sony Trinitron KV-M1400K Scart RGB macro photos - Galaxy Fight (Saturn)