Sony KV-M1400K Scart RGB Aperture Grille Scanlines- Golden Axe The Duel (Saturn)


I can’t get into fighting games but boy do I love the art.


I love fighting games. Also, Galaxy Fight is such a hard game, I’m surprised that I 1CC’d it.


Breakers (Neo Geo) Monitor: Commodore 1084S P1 (Scart RGB 15kHz)


Just mash the buttons. That’s how I do it.


Some random shots from my phone:



The ones with the thick black non-scanlines are the PVM 20L5, the others a PVM 20M2U. As much as I love the 20L5 for its ability to do progressive scan, I always get the urge to bust out the 20M2U for its more natural and less sharp treatment of 240p/480i.

Wish I had room to make both look nice in my setup simultaneously. I am still mostly using the 20L5 because it accepts nearly every signal I can throw at it, making it exceptionally convenient. But damn, is it super sharp!


That first Sonic pic is sharp enough to cut yourself on! Great shots.


Messing around with an OSSC and a separate scanline generator

Capcom Fighting Jam


Oh, the real scanline picture!


I dig the slot mask style, works really well with the GBA player.


Pretty cool. I like the first picture way better than the second one though.

The way the white pixels blur horizontally in the MARIO Kart picture is really impressive. Not sure if it’s just a trick my eyes are playing though.


Is this on a flat panel or a CRT monitor? I love the look of this, very much like a shadowmask!


It’s a PC CRT. Vertical OSSC scanlines + a separate horizontal VGA scanline generator. I think the vertical scanlines could do with being bought together a little, sort of how SNESFan89’s Sony looks, right now that gaps are a tiny bit too far away imo

@Peltz I think that’s the hybrid scanline option in action, it’s kind of cool how it’s allowed to bleed into the fake scanlines (blank lines)


Trying to replicate Trinitron’s Aperture Grille picture? It will be nice!


More Trinitron’s screenshots:


I’ve been doing this with the ossc on my LG panel for a couple of months now and the main reason for doing so was to both prove that I wasn’t wrong that a line-count crt effect was possible, but to also request to Marqs that it is a much needed filter to complete our attempts at gaming preservation. I don’t know if that will happen, but I do ask for anyone who wants this to kindly persuade him into enabling it.

My channel on youtube has a couple video demonstrations of it in action.


Fantastic shots! I do love the look of your Trinitron. Keep them coming!

@Voltz Those look great, are these shots from an OLED? the phosphor layout looks closer to a Trinitron style layout then what I managed to achieve. I would love it if Marqs added such a filter/option, even if it doesn’t support x3,x4 and x5 I’d be happy as x2 looks good and I could remove the slg from my chain.


I want this! They truly look authentic to me.


Btw, Merry Christmas everyone!