Keep the Christmas spirit alive with a little Die Hard on the PC Engine (Via composite - Sony Trinitron):


Oh nice! I didn’t know about that one.


It’s actually a 1080p LED

Settings are 960p with upsamplex2 active.


Link to the past ~ Ossc on Gateway crt EV910


I should ban you for NSFW :sweat_smile:


Sounds like 90% of all retro screenshot threads. Woln’t somebody think of the children?


Bah, the little creampuffs couldn’t handle the stuff we were raised on back in our day. We grew up with this all over the place and look how well we turned out. :smiley:

Anyway I wanted to quick prove that a pc monitor can still be close enough to match with the bvm line of monitors that people have been clamoring over so much as of late. I tend to say it’s a little too sharp for my taste and the scanline pr0n is a bit on the THICC side. I guess you’re probably right to complain.

Hope Phonedork and RetroRGB aren’t jealous. heh heh


Axelay on Super Famicom, RGB through Framemeister on a 4K tv!


Looks a stained glass window.


Dreamcast - 480p native scanlines on LG Flatron F920P CRT VGA Monitor & Guilty Gear X


Here is some GBA “scanlines”. Macros from GBA ags-101, Contra: Hard Spirits


I really think that 480i/480p needs to be considered retro now that the resolution is being excluded from the latest consoles. Finding good crt’s that support it is getting harder by the day, plus an ossc hooked to your pc monitor will bridge the gap where getting progressive scan was originally pretty difficult at the time.


While true Xbox One and PS4 can do 480p, I actually tried it.


Here are a few screens from my RGB NES. These were all using either the FBXSmooth or Wavebeam palettes. These were taken on a BVM14F5U.


These are lovely pics, I love the Bucky o Hare NES game.


Just uploading my progress. Perfect KOs on this run so far. Maybe this is the first time I actually beat the game?

Sorry for the finger in the shot. And the composite image the horror!.


Arcade stuff on Trinitron: Nostradamus, In The Hunt, DBZ SB2, Bay Route & Cannon Dancer.


Super Famicom RGB and Sony Trinitron - match made in heaven. TMNT: Mutant Warriors.


Mame HLSL scanlines shader (slot mask). Asus laptop and LED Samsung TV. Kinda nice.


Those player portraits look phenomenal.