What game has the GAMEST logo in it?


In Macross II.


I’m on a Dreamcast kick lately and wanted to see VGA output on a CRT first-hand.

Phantasy Star Online on a 19" NEC Multisync FP950 monitor:


It was so kickass getting VGA with Dreamcast. I have a Blaze VGA box. I really need to set that up again.


Yep, VGA on Dreamcast is marvelous! I do wonder how the Retrovision Dreamcast component cables will compare though which are coming later on.


Dreamcast getting some love in 2019 with HDR’s component and RGC’s scart cable.


Can’t wait to see how both cables turn out.


Everything here is the MiSTer using various settings for each core.

Fatal Fury Special Game Gear


Super Mario Land (DMG Pallet w/ white grid lcd scanlines)

Link’s Awakening DX

G&G Supegrafx Core

Legendary Axe


Winder Boy III SMS

Man, I’m really starting to love this machine.


Those GB and GG shaders are awesome!


Awesome drop of shots, Kawika! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Fatal Fury Special Game Gear, looks great. Getting a MiSTer right now is soooo tempting


What is a MiSTer?


2019 will be the year of the MiSTer


I was just going to link @Timu321 Thanks @cornerstone

So, I have to say, I can’t tell the difference (save the controller and popping in carts/cards) between the MiSTer and some of the consoles. I actually like all the options it has going for it way more than the Analogue NT Mini. A lot of people were wanting one of those because of all the cores it could do if you jail broke it, I wouldn’t even bother now if that was what you were after. I still think its worth owning for NES & Famicom.

At this point, I am wondering if I will even buy the Analogue SG. The Genesis/MD core is so good and I have a Genesis that is still in good shape under my CRT. I mainly think if i get a SG its because I want a machine that might last a few decades longer than my Genesis will.


More NES RGB shots. Just added a Triad power supply which got rid of the rolling interference I was having. Totally clean now!


Slot Mask scanlines: Detana!! TwinBee (Samsung cs-15k8mjq) and Gals Panic 4 (Arcade monitor)


It really does look spectacular. What color pallet is that one?


Thanks! That’s the Wavebeam color palette. It’s supposed to be very accurate but with the color saturation up just a bit from the FBX smooth palette. It’s the one that I’ve been using the most lately.


It looks authentic. I’d love to see how SMB looks on it if you have it handy.


I don’t have any good shots handy but I’ll snap some tonight. It’s actually kind of difficult to photograph as the bright sky makes the camera act up. I’ll see what I can do. Worse comes to worse I can get some underground/castle shots.


That series is so good. I had Gals Panic S Extra arcade board for a while, sold it when I got rid of all my loose arcade stuff. Great game though.

I did play them all to figure out which was my favourite in terms of game modes and features, but of course I now forget what my conclusion was! Time well spent eh :joy: I also edited the wiki page for the series.