OSSC+Lacie Electron IV

@Peltz It’s a lot of fun seeing these older consoles I’ve experienced on lacklustre displays through the OSSC and a sharp CRT. Only late last year did I get an RGB modded N64 and had suffered through RF/Composite through the entire life span of the machine! I’m excited to replay all my favourites again like this and with new developments like de-blur and AA removal the games feel quite fresh.


I remember even at the time I thought it was low poly.


OSSC+Lacie Electron IV

@Peagles I think Smash might be one of the more obvious low poly games when it comes to the characters, there’s no attempt to hide the transition where one polygonal limb clips into another. I like the artistic workarounds these games employ, there’s something toy-like about these bold simple shapes that are pleasing.


Shigeru Miyamoto described the transition to 3D as similar to working with puppets. So toy-like is an apt description for sure.


That just reminded me of the Smash64 intro where the floating hand picks up a Mario figure from a toy box and it comes alive…it all makes sense now!

Bomberman64 has some nice textures for an N64 game, they’re not too noisy or ‘soupy’, and there’s some that do a good job of faking extra geometry like steps and window frames.


Do you recommend a certain scanline generator? I have a mostly similar set up and I really like the look you achieved with the extra scanline generator here


I just got one of these common naked pcb VGA scanline generators you see on ebay, there are lots on there and they all look like the same design. Mine was from a Russian seller but I couldn’t find a link to his shop, unfortunately.


Posting a couple shots from my new supergun set up! So happy with how this has come together! Metal Slug 2 and Alien vs. Predator. Shots from a BVM14F5U.


Great shots, it’s nice to appreciate the killer sprite work of these legendary games in static images!


Thanks! I’m going to get more over time. Arcade games tend to be tougher to photograph since you can’t pause them. I’ve been thinking about running this through an Extron device that can freeze frame.


Ah of course you’re running on real arcade hardware! An Extron sounds really handy, even for console games. Which model/s of Extron have the ability to freeze a frame?


The bloom on those GB player games is amazing!
Thanks for sharing.



Damn that’s clean. Is that a 1-chip snes?


Yes Peltz!


Wish I could give this more love :sparkling_heart:


I remember I used to run AVP on my pc 15 yrs ago and had nice sharp scanlines like that at 448p. I’m really tempted to fire it up again.


Mine is definitely not as sharp :frowning:


It looks like Trinitron’s aperture grille. Looks awesome imho.:sunglasses: