Goketsuji Ichizoku 2 Sony PS1 on Commodore 1084S P1 (Scart RGB cable)


Gorgeous pictures!


Love the close crops!


I really love how this thread keeps going because other forums would do this sort of thing every once in awhile and eventually fizzle out. I think one of the last big places to do this was NeoGaf and it’s hellspawn, but that was well over a year ago.

I hope we never see an end to it here. This stuff is amazing!


A lot of the people here were the ones keeping that GAF thread going before the purge.


I don’t think anyone has posted a screen of the FM Towns yet. Here’s mine now running of the 50 inch 4K TV. Games work fine but I can’t see the boot menu due to the resolution nit being compatable with the TV or the Framemeister.


Yeah I did notice quite a few names there I was familiar with, so it’s great to see this place as an alternative. Gaming does have it’s own demographics and I’m not surprised people only take a passing glance at our end of this hobby.

Well the good thing is you don’t have to appeal to their community to share your interests anymore, if people want they can join yours. Just as long as the sjw club stays out of it. * nods


I remember seeing pictures of that in gamefan, but they were really stretched out. I didn’t know if the sprites were really meant to be that wide or not.


Yep, that is the correct aspect ratio. The game has a few resolution modes including an ugly high wide mode. That basically looks like a 4:3 game played in wide screen.


480i screenshot thread?

It’s not easy to get moving/action shots, using a phone for pics doesn’t help either…or using S-video because I was too lazy to get out the RGB cable.

Ace Combat 5, ps2, PVM-1954Q

…upon closer inspection/McBain, there’s something on the screen upper left of cockpit, makes note to clean screen


I discovered that if i take the photo really faster in my bvm i can take better photos, after a time (seconds) some change in the crispy and Colors capture. I use a iPhone X for this. Its important to move the camera some degrees in one side, it helps. All this works with a clipping in the screen. I would like to take better photos of all screen, but without sucess


For today: GS Mikami (Super Famicom)


I absolutely love this game. Super fun, not too hard, and the perfect length to sit down and play in one sitting.


I love this game as well, finally did a playthrough of it on Youtube…with no deaths of course! I had it years ago where it was cheap before it got pricey now.


I have this game on “real” cartridge.:sunglasses:


I have it on the actual cartridge back in 2014!


Akumajo Dracula played the only way it should be played :slight_smile:




Sanic :slight_smile:


One of the best of all time. So glad I made the investment to play this on original hardware. Still stuck on the level with the lance boss.