That’s stage 4, right. I can’t get past that stage either. Almost had him a few times but I always get suck behind the platform.


OSSC+SLG+LacieElectron IV


I have to slightly de-focus on CRTs to get decent color in photos. Cameras now have such high resolution and granular focus control it is easy to take pictures that focus too well on CRTs, and do not get the proper blending and bloom the image quality depends on.

So if you have manual focus moving it just a tiny bit will help with the color rendition in my experience.


Love the low-poly n64 pad that pops up in the Sin and Punishment tutorial


I’m finally getting around to testing out my Mega ED, loving it so far! I’m also spending more time with the Hyperkin 6 button controller. I didn’t like it when I first tried it a couple months ago, but really enjoyed it tonight, D-pad and buttons.

Model 1 Genesis, RGB, PVM-1954Q

Comix Zone

Shadow Dancer


Awesome shots. It’s been so long since I’ve played Shadow Dancer but I’m getting the urge to break that out! Comix Zone dude is so peak 90s fashion it almost feels like satire.


Woof. These pics are immaculate. Wonderful case for saving old PC CRTs (although the LaCie was never NOT worth keeping!).

This is giving me a hankering for running emulators on my PC CRT again. I thought I had successfully annexed all of my retro gaming into my game room!


With how rare and costly 480p+ BVMs are around here I’m more than happy PC CRTs are still available at affordable prices! They’re my favourite way to play 480p-720p (damn fine for 240p too) just wish the OSSC had an optional frame buffer for resolution switching.

What size PC CRT do you have? I have to say the weight and size of these is my least favourite thing about them, not fun at all when trying to rearrange or relocate a setup.


I hear you on the BVM front. I’ve given up my dream of having a 20L5 or similar BVM. I just can’t justify it, even though I’d love one for Xbox.

The CRT I use with my PC right now is a Viewsonic Af90+ (or something like that, at work :sweat_smile:). It’s 19" and I feel your pain when it comes to moving them around. As much as I’d love one of those high-end 20"+ monitors, it’d be tough to make much more space for one. It’s worth it to play Overwatch at 85Hz 1280x960 though!

Another thing that’s really great about PC monitors is you have such easy access to geometry and color options on most of them. I did a marathon cleaning/calibration of all of my PC CRTs a few months ago and out of the 6 I had at the time all had geometry OSDs and some kind of color balancing option (except for an old Canon that I suspect is an EGA or CGA monitor so I couldn’t test).

If I get some gaming going on the Viewsonic I’ll grab some pics for the thread!


PC CRTs are indeed phenomenal. It’s crazy how we had great CRTs back in the day right along side our terrible consumer sets.

It’s crazy how screen tech generally outpaces processing/broadcasting technology by a considerable margin throught display tech history.

I had a Panasonic BT broadcast monitor from the late 80s that took standard def RGB and Component perfectly. It took over 10 years longer for component to become a consumer standard in North America.


You know, you’re right, it was pretty crazy. When I was younger and knew nothing about PC monitors or TVs I’d always max out the resolution on my PC and wonder why the TV couldn’t do the same. I had no idea the TV’s resolution was like a quarter of that old 17" Compaq monitor! And it was a massive 36" Zenith!

Looking back, it’s sort of odd that TVs took so long to support higher resolution and handled them the way they did when there were PC monitors doing it for years.

Then again the general public was way, way less tech focused back then from what I remember. There wasn’t much public demand for higher quality video outside of some weirdo Laserdisc guys with projectors in their basement!


I guess that’s true. But you still had S-Video sets being sold in the early 90s. And VGA monitors. Not sure why SCART and component were simply missing completely during that time. Then also not sure when component caught on (probably during the initial switch to HD?).

It could’ve all been SCART and/or component from very early on.


It really could have been. I just remember growing up that anything AV was considered black magic to most people. If you knew to hook up the yellow cable to the yellow input you were ahead of the game.

(Also mini-rant: Why in the world make component cabling Red-Green-Blue when you already have a multi-decade standard of Right Audio as a red RCA plug? Jeez, make it orange!)

I remember component showing up on stuff regularly around 1999/2000, since it seemed to coincide with the silver plastic boom in electronics.

I’m not sure what caused it though, higher support of DVD maybe? I know I’ve seen quite a few DVD players with component out.


1999/2000 is when consumer HD sets started being sold.

Actually, they predate even that time, but it’s when they dropped below $10k per set (yea you read that right)


I had the Silver and black Af90+ many years ago, I was super gutted as it randomly developed a weird problem where the screen would sometimes scale everything to a small horizontal portion in the middle. Picture was great from what I remember and yes it must be fantastic for a fast paced game like Overwatch!

Yeah being able to centre a picture without putting in some secret code to access a service menu each time you need to adjust it is so nice.

Would be great to see some pics from your Viewsonic.


Good lawd! I live in a pretty poor area so I don’t remember many HD TVs of any kind before 2004/5, and even then all my friends rocked good old 480i well into the Halo 3 splitscreen days! I remember one of my friends’ family getting a big flat screen Plasma around the time MW2 came out and it was a revelation!

@Vespa My Viewsonic is the silver and black model! I had a tough time finding a HDMI adapter that would work with it, actually, most just dropped in and out every few seconds. Sure hope mine lasts because I don’t see very many decent PC CRTs around my area ever. I’d imagine these higher-bandwidth CRTs are pushing some sort of limit and are relatively fragile.

I’ll get the new Retroarch build tonight and test out some goodies. Been wanting to play some PCE shmups lately anyway!


Bomberman '94 and Soldier Blade on the Viewsonic A90f+ @ 1600x1200

Retroarch Mednafen SGX with CRT_Royale Kurozumi shader. I realized after the fact that I had Bilinear filtering turned on for these! :unamused:


No, you’re Hard Corps


Those were the HD crt sets that came before right?

You know I could never understand what was so hard about going from a computer crt to making sets that are based on their design to be used for HD viewing. We had the standard right there already, but our government wanted this “HD handshake” (blame Hollywood), so having 1080p right off the bat without processing was very out of the cards. Oh and where were the EDTV sets at the time when 480p was becoming a thing? I wish we could go back in time and correct how we advanced during this stage, because it’s all screwed up!


I think that’s my favorite game on the system. Brownie 4 Lyfe!

Something that drove me crazy was the fact that in the first level, the ‘blacks’ in the background are really a very deep red, which you can see a hint of here. I swapped out cabling 2-3 times before realizing it was just supposed to be like that. I ended up realizing that if the status bar up at the top was black then it must just be the game.

Those 600 line tubes sure do the work. That bloom is gorgeous.