A little bit of this, a little bit of that. The crt is an european Samsung from 2004, the Snes is using RGB Scart cables with sync-on-luma.

Yeah, I know there is a chromatic patch on the right. On some colors is invisible, on some others is like the opposite colors. I need to get that checked.


That Samsung has a nice image. I keep forgetting there were manufacturers releasing flat screen consumer CRTs outside of Sony.


I spent the fortune of 20€ for it. It weighs like 30kg. Squaring the image is a nightmare, tho. In the SGB image with the color code you can see how I have to fight with curvature and overscan. Also, I CAN’T see the image while using the service menu.


That’s a great price, congrats on picking it up for so cheap. 30kg?! what size is the screen?

I really dig that third picture; looks like everything is grey, silver or white in your setup.


Mostly rear projection actually. Although not ideal for 240p, it’s arguably equal or even superior to the image provided by a CRT for film.


Man I’d love to try a rear projection screen but even being a CRT-head it’s hard to imagine dealing with a 50" space-eater like that. My aunt had a couple when I was growing up and they may not have been great ones because I always thought stuff looked blurry on them.

I’ve heard the high-end (and huge) CRT projectors from NEC and Sony are also bonkers on image quality for legacy content and games. Never seen one in person though.


This is ridiculous lol


I’m guessing that they would be good on some games that had widescreen support if the horizontal resolution didn’t increase. Trying to get those on a current HD set looks very rough on the eyes.

I think most rear projection sets were DLP based.


Zenki Battle Raiden


That set has a great picture.


Got a little washed out towards the top, wish I noticed that on the phone, but oh well. SoR 3, PVM-1954Q


Still a beaut!


More FM Towns II imagery running on the big TV. Here is Afterburner 1.


Pokémon Gold is a Super Gameboy game? I’m surprised to see it looks like it has the GBC colors.

Also, what’s the second game in your post?


It has fairly nice colorization in battle (although attack effects are not as good as GBC) but fairly ugly outside battle.


29 inches.

There is a couple of standard patterns, but the majority is useless.

Herakles No Eikou, the only Game Boy spinoff of the 8/16bit jRPG series. It has been translated in english (twice, actually), and it’s interesting to play since you have only the protagonist in your party, plus a single greek deity who changes at every story beat. The fun part is that every deity has wildly different characteristics: Ares is a tanker, Hermes is fast but very low HP, Aphrodite can heal, Athena can buff and de-buff, etc…

And of course they don’t die, like Lost Odyssey would do 18 years later. But you sadly can, and you will. It’s a very difficult RPG but vewry fun with a walkthrough. And that stock SGB border fits like a glove.


No lines really, just a mask

Arcade FF

Arcade Golden Axe


Dragon Quest V PS2 English translation. Looks STUNNING on my 2030.


This isn’t a crt image, nor is it emulation.

LG panel via ossc

The last pic is 3rd Strike from the OG Xbox and since it doesn’t scale properly, I decided to go vertical for that line count look. Wish my phone had a better camera though.


Love third strike, yeah it’s hard to see the scanlines in that pic.

Sony kx-14cp1 + RGB modded N64 (not sure what Bomberman game that is)