I always knew April dabbled in the devils lettuce. No sober person would wear that much yellow.

No wonder the building is burning down.


It’s just a vase, flowers wilted in the heat…so she says.


Is the devils lettice marijuana?


Yes sir. Ganja. The sticky icky. Reefer.

And to the right there looks to be a marijuana bong sitting on that table.

I’m guessing she was playing Xbox on that monitor next to her and fell asleep. Next thing she knew the place was engulfed. Her gamertag is probably Xx420blazeitupxX or something.


Indulging in this silly line of thought: you know what day falls within April, don’t you.


Given the period, I think she was probably rocking an Ultima game on that PC.


Whoa dude

Haha I’m expecting someone here to correctly tell me what type of Amiga that is


And here I thought it’s was just a laboratory with a beaker.


I’m gonna leave this here and let you guys figure it out for a bit.


Funnily enough, I didn’t use reverse image search, but when I searched for Lynx Alien games, that one came right up and matched your shot haha


Haha! I knew I set this up a little too easy for ya to find.

So what do you think of this game? I’ve not seen anything of it since the very early part of the 80’s and it had I think three platforms at the time (Tandy/Commador/Zspectrum), but it was interesting to me because it really does match what the movie’s original intent was while at the same time being one hell of a real time strategy survival horror. This port job was perhaps the best thing I’ve ever seen of it and it makes me wonder just why people aren’t talking about it, especially at the time ALIEN ISOLATION was in development. I’ve posted a number of times the developers need to use this game as reference, yet instead we get more of an Amnesia clone that doesn’t allow you to explore the station thoroughly. Blackout feels like it may be going this route however.

I do want to get a lynx for this, but I’d have to replace the screen and it’d be frustrating the pixels are either no match, or I don’t get an exact 2:1 with optional scanline modes, including native vertical.


Grabbed a few CRT shots tonight.

I also snapped a couple of Devil Engine on Switch downscaled to 240p. It’s really hard to shoot without a way to pause it. I need to see if I can hook up one of my Extron devices for freeze frame.

I also played some downwell on this set up. It played great and looked awesome. The pictures don’t quite do it justice.


The game does look cool… I’ll check it out!


Ganbare daiku no gensan SNES


Downwell should have a tate option FYI. That should give you a few more pixels even on a 4:3 screen (if I’m not mistaken).


Awesome! I need to flip a monitor and try it out!


Gorge pics!


This is my kind of scanlines.


Spent most of the night cleaning up the cab and installing all the new parts. Still need to install an amp for the sound which is super easy.




Go Go Ackman SNES