This thread continues to be amazing.

I showed it to a friend who asked me why I don’t like the smoothing features on PS3 for PS1 games… he totally gets it now.


My favorite beatemup on blast city. I really need to fix the convergance in all four corners but its alot of work and I’ve been fixing it up for so long I just want to sit down and play games on it.


Imagine if he watched live


I invited him over to play. I’ll show him sometime.


GIANT ENEMY CRAB! Attack its weak point for massive damage. (Breath of Fire w/ palette hack, GBA)


Some lovely art in that game.


So I got my JVC AV-27D305 up and running. I need to probably dial it in more but I honestly don’t know what i am doing in the service menu. I did adjust as much as I could. Unfortunately, when I was testing it I was using my Pixel 2 and I have yet to find a way to get decent shots of scan lines with it. Either I get a focused image OR i get good color. That said, I want you to imagine the color of the blurry image with the look of the less saturated image and you have a good idea what this $20 purchase got me (not bad for a screen I wanted for light gun & Wii games).

SNES Mini Voultar RGB bypass chip.

So I unhooked everything and later decided to get my old LG phone that had a manual camera. Here is my PVM-20L5

The JVC is no where near this monitor but I also spent a lot more on this monitor. Note, its still somewhat blurry because I choose to capture more color with my focus. All the following are from my High Def Graphics Genesis


That JVC is pretty great, it has a nice ‘texture’ to the image it produces. Keep the pics coming!


reminds me of apathetic for some reason

I was playing around with Gamecube games through Swiss on the wii.

Actual 3D gameplay was pretty limited in practice though.

I’m 10 chapters in on Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, and it’s great at 480i on the 14"pvm.


I’ve played through Symphony of the Night so many times that it’s easy to forget to just stop and admire the sprite work. Snapped these on my way to the catacombs last night.


That was one of my favourite points in the game. I love the brooding strings, which dominate the music as you descend further into the castle’s depths.


Absolutely, and such an interesting contrast to the music in the following stage. Symphony is truly one of the greats.


Donkey kong 2


Recently got the Brawler 64 Controller from Retro Fighters which made me dig my N64 out. Was playing Goemon’s Great Adventure and noticed this for the first time, despite having it all these years ^_^;


How are you finding the controller?


Goetanic! Amazing.

I also would also like to know your thoughts on the brawler.


Algebraic! Mathematical!


Got a pack of strips in today to fix the corner geometry/convergence on my Blast City. They worked great! Very easy to install and made things look 3x better! Not a process that I look forward to doing again though,lots of trial and error,getting things very close,then changing something else only to start over. Think of linearity on a PVM only instead of doing it digitally in a menu you are doing it by hand with a piece of cardboard right next to a hot anode cap!



Ahh,straight as an arrow and no blurry picture!!


CRT TV/Monitor Repair & Troubleshooting

How are you finding the controller?

Sorry for the late reply. I work the late shift and am getting ready to do it all over again in just a bit ^_^;

I REALLY like it. It handles quite well, the analog part is a marked improvement over the original! The D-pad feels good too, granted Goemon is the only game I’ve tested it with so far! I tried Mario 64, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, F-Zero X and Turok too. It’s been a while since I played this console, so needless to say, I was a but rusty with some of them. I need to bring out my regular controller and try a few back and forth sessions just to be sure. But I don’t think you’ll go wrong getting this controller.

I bought the Funtastic Red variant, and if you remember the early ones had that problem where the stick and the L button would overlap. They must have fixed it since, as this doesn’t happen on this controller!


A little bit of Strider fun on the PlayStation.