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Interesting, I was sent a Japanese copy of Biohazard 2 Value Pack by accident (I ordered Tokyo Bus Guide on PS2) but it felt wasted as I only have a PAL DC. Is Biohazard 2 on DC worth playing over, say, the GC version? I’ve yet to play the original game(!)


There’s videos that break it down to the minute detail but from what I can remember off the top of my head:

RE2 on DC is based on the PC version and has 480p polys and backrounds. The GC is based on the ps1 version and has 480p polys but 240p backrounds that get a little blurred when scaling.

RE2 on DC has better quality FMV over the DC version.

RE2 on DC shows your ammo/hp on the VMU.

If you’re playing it on a modern TV I’d say the DC is the version to play. If you’re playing on a CRT the GC version forced to 240p is the way to go.


It’ll be a modern TV - thanks for the heads-up. I never did get that VGA cable though, as (at the time) I had finished playing all the DC games I wanted. Bet it looks bad through the included RF cable…


uhhhhhhhhhhhh Get a VGA cable!


Backgrounds on RE2 DC are for sure 240p. Source: I played it two years ago and the 480p character models stuck out like a sore thumb. Still my favourite way to play it though.


Having owned them all, you can’t go wrong with either the Gamecube or Dreamcast versions of RE2 and 3 tbh; I think it comes down to whatever platform you like most or have the best AV for.


Thanks. I can’t really justify getting a VGA cable until I have more lined up for the DC, and I’ve got the Wii component cable which I play GC games through.

I’m in no hurry to play Resi 2 at least - hence I’m already so late to the party! But I definitely want to play the original some time.


PS1 for RE2 for me. It was designed for the whole game to be in 240p, not a weird mix of 240p and 480p. DC and GC look busted to me.


Put a scanline generator over it, you’ll thank me later.


I played it for the first time a few months ago and I went with the PS1 version. I wanted the original intended experience over a port