Sega Dreamcast |OT| It's Still Thinking


There’s not much variation between the units. Just make sure you don’t get a model 2 as that fixed the exploit that allowed cdrs to boot. I have a launch model that’s still thinking although it’s now running a GDEMU!


Sega almost single handedly defined the future, but reaped no benefits for their efforts.

Small note in the hardware, the made in Japan models were notificably of higher quality on the inside.


I see, thanks.
So, the older orange box models should be a relatively safe bet, am I right? Thinking about it, my Japanese console was a later release, with the white box and the ‘HK’ somewhere in its serial code… Possibly made in Hong Kong, I guess?


No light gun games listed in OP?

I want to say House of the Dead 2 and a Virtua Cop were on the system.

Are there any solutions to the modern day light gun issue? Honestly I really only remember these games in the arcade, I don’t think I knew anyone with a home setup.


I wish I could tell you more beyond the label on the belly saying “made in Japan”. Units were also made in China if I recall correctly.


No problem!
And I was wrong, I guess. All the Japanese units (as in, saying ‘made in Japan’ on the package/sticker underneath the shell) I checked out on eBay still have an ‘HK’ in their serial numbers. One thing I noticed, though, is that they show different brands/names on the same sticker, right above the voltage informations box: Sanwa Denki, Asahi, SEGA… Not sure if that’s meant to be a distinguishing factor, in order to pick up a particular model over the other ones.


Oh man! The Sega Dreamcast OT is here! I’m a bit late to the party but I was playing Skies of Arcadia this morning and was just thinking about Retro Game Boards.

Good OT, IrishNinja!

looks around nervously … You think Grandia 2 can make that list? :grin:


god, i forget what mag showed this in the day, but yeah - i bought a black sports DC later on & always wanted just a sticker mockup since i never saw this cheap, haha.
ironic since code: veronica is the only classic RE i never finished!


Funny enough RE C:V was the first of the series I completed from start to finish. Never touched the other games till way later.


I looked them up they now seem to sell for thousands :open_mouth:


I’ve had the itch to give Code Veronica another go despite its design flaws – IIRC my first play through ended unceremoniously due to lacking enough ammo to defeat a tyrant on a plane without a previous save. Would love to play via my original Dreamcast discs, but maybe I should have just played the HD version and left my Dreamcast in the closet. Although initially I got a picture using an old off brand VGA box, my Dreamcast didn’t want to read the first CV disc. When I went to disconnect the system I managed to detach the ground wire from the VGA box.

Looks like it’s time to learn to solder and fix a DC laser.

At least I played a round of Giga Wing before the above happened. When I finally fix everything it’s really time to add to my DC collection. I don’t think I’ve picked up a new title since stores were blowing out their DC games.



A new ad for SUBWAY has a dreamcast in it.

Dreamcast 2 confirmed


That’s pretty rad.


The legend will never die!


That giant arrow makes me smile.
As if it was even needed here. :smile:


Honestly I bet most people who see the 4 ports and think its a nintender


I was scrolling through Google’s image search for Dreamcast and found this, I didn’t know there was another controller for th e system. Even though this was made for fighting games it looks really cool.


I played a couple of DC games last night to test out a VGA cable I had recently purchased and so for it works well.


Great shots, except one, that looks like Butt.

Also, in spite of my Dreamcast-less status, I really need to pick up Sturmwind.