Sega Dreamcast |OT| It's Still Thinking


Thanks and I agree everyone should own Sturmwind. It’s one of my favorite games for the Dreamcast.

Here’s a link to the cable I used:


I have a PC monitor that takes HD-15. I suppose that’s VGA and I could use that cable to hook my Dreamcast directly to it and then wire the audio to my amplifier with a RCA male-female cable?


Does anyone know of a guide to attach a gdrom ribbon cable? Last night I was feeling ambitious and attempted to tweak the laser’s potentiometer. Unfortunately on one of the adjustment attempts I forgot to move the laser and didn’t have any slack in the ribbon cable when flipping the drive over. Pretty sure I dislodged the cable a little bit. At this point I should probably take my whole Dreamcast apart.


I really need to get one of those Dreamcast PSU replacements, mine it totally borked. The system boots fine and I can hang out at the menu screen all day long. But as soon as a disc starts spinning, the system shuts itself down right away. I’m guessing it’s a PSU issue.

It’s sad, I never had a Dreamcast when they were new, though I did rent and play one a few times (Lots of Sonic Adventure and House of the Dead 2!). When I finally got my Dreamcast, and a Toro box, I thought “Wow, there’s tons of awesome exclusives I want to play, like Shenmue, and Power Stone”… The only game I actually played through on the system was “Carrier”, a mediocre Resident Evil clone. And half of Resident Evil 2 before my system died.

So yeah, I still need to explore this catalogue.


That should work as long as the games support VGA mode.

You can check the guide here for compatibility:


Behar bros VGA boxes are back up for preorder, although not the akura hdmi box. Just placed my order for a kuro.

I should still try to fix my old naki box in the meantime.


I still have a Naki box. Are those considered good quality?


I have the Blaze VGA box. I really ought to get a Dreamcast hooked to a monitor again. I have two systems but only one is hooked up to a Sony Trinitron atm.


In theory all vga boxes should output the exact same signal because the video output comes from the Dreamcast itself. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if some boxes exhibit interference. Also, the naki box retailed new for a lot less than the official Sega one, which may explain some build quality issues I’ve had with it. Picture quality seemed great until the plastic around the AV port connector fell off.


Still waiting on those HD retrovision Dreamcast component cables to become a reality. They had a prototype post like…2 years ago?


I’ve…never seen this before either.


I’m thinking I may need a new Dreamcast controller. The left Analog seems off somehow. Also for my Toro box, AV cable for the Dreamcast doesn’t seem to work properly. It needs to be held in a certain angle. Any idea where to get a replacement?


The VGA adapter I have had since the DC era looks almost the same as the Blaze one. It always worked great.


I think that’s identical to the Blaze from what I understand. It’s a great box.


I got the same cable Addicted mentioned earlier and it’s a huge improvement … well, I was using composite, but my RGB cable is still on the way. It works nicely with my 2nd monitor. Picture is nice and sharp.


Looks great!


From what I read about the Dreamcast ASCII controller, it was made for fighters though I’m not sure if it was ever released in the U.S., maybe it only came out for the Japanese and European markets.


I decided to get a Dreamcast. I loved that damn thing so much I can’t believe its taken this long to replace it.

I would like a quick do this and don’t waste time from you guys if possible.

Which bahar box should I buy. I know I need to buy a NTSC one with 0 or 1 on the bottom if i want to play back ups, imports or repros.

I have a PVM 20L5 do I need a VGA box or can I get 480p over scart?

@CouryC @Dark1x and @Try4ce had a stream last night and I couldn’t believe I was ok with the gamecube ports of dreamcast games. Even Sonic Adventure, a game I don’t really like that much gave me a huge nostalgia play. Now I want to go back and get all my lost DC games plus some of the fighters too.

Now I need to figure out how to get a fightstick on the DC. I literally know nothing about this console beyond what I knew in 1999 as I was actively trying not to just keep buying old systems.


I use toro to play DC at 480p/480i/240p on my 20l5. It’s got a slightly dark picture but otherwise works like a charm. I’m not sure about the answers to your other questions though


I had two of those pads and while they are better for fighting games they aren’t that good IMO.the D-pad is too loose. You’d be much better off using a Saturn pad (Japanese one) via a converter box. That how I play most Dreamcast games that don’t require the analogue. Also, I can now use my Saturn Virtual On sticks with my Dreamcast since the official Dreamcast ones suck.