Sega Saturn |OT| - Playin' Saturn each day keeps Segata away!


More Asia Saturn pickups! This time from Osaka. Saturn stuff is everywhere! I’m glad I passed on the games I was going to get at super potatoe because they were 1/3rd of the price at another store. Even the Saturn controller that I paid 1400yen for was 800 at the other store.

There is just so much Saturn stuff here. It’s hard to not blow all my money all at once. I’m trying to stick to the good deals only!


Nice pickups! Is that the Phantasy Star M2 collection? Heard it’s an awesome import as it includes English language versions of the games too. Would be curious to see if you can play the original with the FM soundtrack, but English text.

Also, I just noticed your tag change, lol.


No it’s the remake of the first one with enhanced visuals and gameplay. I’ve always been curious about it, but you need to know Japanese to really enjoy it.

The collection is volume 32 I believe.


It’s the remake of the first one as @khaz noted but I’m hoping to find the collection as well!

I’ve played around with the collection in the past. It has full English as well as 240p,480p and 480p with scanlines! It also allows you to speed up the gameplay and I’ve heard its truly the best way to play the series today. Whenever I finally get around to playing the series that’s the way I plan to do it!


Feel like picking me up a Saturn or Dreamcast Virtual-On Twinstick while you are over there?? Lol


I’m not sure I’ll have any room to bring it back or I would!


Anyone played Legend of Oasis? I picked it up recently and am going to give it a shot.


Yeah, it and the game it is the sequel to on the Genesis (Beyond Oasis) are both good.


I made a quick little vid on Psychic Killer Taromarou. It was a genuine thrill to be able to play it! It’s not a bad game, but the quality certainly doesn’t match the price tag. I hope you enjoy this bad boy!


So when we recently did the SEGA Rally challenge here at RGB, my Saturn wasn’t outputting sound. I thought it was the switch box not being plugged in since someone snagged my one powerstrip for something else.

Today my son decided to play Shinobi Legions and it wouldn’t read the disc. I put in Baku Baku that I just received recently and it also wouldn’t start. :weary: It’s coming up to the CD listening screen and saying it can’t identify the disc.

I think it’s dying. Going to try more games in a bit because he’s playing Luigi’s Mansion on the Gamecube just fine now through the same switcher.


There is a small pot to adjust somewhere, before you give up completely on it


Thanks. I’m watching YouTube vids for possible fixes. Hoping that I can save it.


Ali Express sells some replacement lenses for the Sega Saturn. Go for that If pot tweaking doesn’t work. They aren’t that expensive.

  • some lenses listed, just scroll down to the bottom of the page

Changed my Saturn’s lens about 2~3 years ago and no issues so far. Just make sure you pick the correct lens (look up the matching model number).


I had no idea that was a thing. And it’s relatively cheap too!


Well, the drive stopped moving on the next attempts. It’s flashing a red light and nothing is working now. I think it’s gotten tired and old and wants to retire. :frowning:


Tbf I just stumbled upon it because I was really sad my Saturn stopped working. Not sure if it’s widely known that they sell lenses. Afaik they sell Dreamcast lenses as well


One of my local gamestores has Saturns available and they also will take mine for parts and give me some trade-in value to offset the cost so I’m probably going that route. They try to fix them. Better them than me in this instance!


Never ever shop at crap stores like Super Potatoe. All they exist for is to rip off travellers to Japan. Out of those games you bought they would cost the following at my local game store in a place where no travellers would visit, Shimonoseki.

Street Fighter Zero - 300 yen
XMEN Children of the Atom - 300 yen
Vampire Saviour - 1200 yen
Gaurdian Heroes - 500 yen
White Saturn pad, about 300 yen


I only bought 1 game at super potatoe and 1 Saturn pad. The rest have been bought elsewhere.

I’ve only bought 1 game since arriving in Tokyo and that was Rockman 3, cart only, for 500yen. Everything is super expensive here. Even book off and hard off prices are sky high. It’s been alot of fun to browse through the game stores though but the majority of my purchases were done in Hong Kong and Osaka!


Recent saturn pickups. Playing a lot of Last Bronx, great graphics for the Saturn and a lot of extras modes as well. Clockwork Knight is very charming as well. Looking forward to see the changes of the Saturn version of Mansion of Hidden Souls.