Sega Saturn |OT| - Playin' Saturn each day keeps Segata away!


Brazzers with some weird daughter fetish cosplaying as Streetfighter characters.


just a bit, you also should purchase the remote control and power supply as they come seperately


Awesome shots, Piggy.
Just out of curiosity… Do you get the buzzing sound out of the sync on luma cable from RGC? I’m asking because I bought one yesterday - along with a C-Sync cable for my Mega Drive 2 - to replace the old ones I was using, which were made (by another manufacturer) before the whole voltage armageddon happened. I thought RGC improved their cables substantially, since then.



bout to close out chapter 4, should hopefully tie this one up soon - then another break before ep 3! god bless shining force central for these fan translations


that’s the recovery animation of one of her specials, which itself is her shooting her ass toward you lol.


Great thread. I loved the Segata Sanshiro commercials. It made me look up the Kurosawa movie the character is based on.

Saturn is another one of those systems that to me is a “would be cool”, but I’m not seriously into collecting. I would like to play it someday though.


It’s very faint but more noticeable when the screen fades white could be that I run everything through a step down transformer for Japanese voltage to work uk mains


Pretty much the same setup I have here. I guess I’ll find out in a few days. Hopefully, it won’t be super distracting.
Just out of curiosity, what’s a premium solution for the Saturn you’d suggest? The Packapunch series?


I’d go for that just to try it out. I only have their sync on luma


As much as I love the graphics on this I suck hard at it


I still have my copy of Astal. That game is truly beautiful and holds up really well. The only other game that can match it in artwork and color is Folklore for PS3 that was truly another gem.


Awesome, how are you liking them so far? I still have to play my copy.


Make sure you’re using the windgust and ground-pound, cause they’re pretty useful for clearing out or stunning large groups of enemies and countering certain boss attacks (especially Geist’s). Attacking in mid-air also gives you a few extra frames of hangtime, so it’s useful for correcting jumps and avoiding certain attacks. Other than that, just keep practicing in general. I won’t say the game is a breeze, but it’s definitely not a hard platformer by any stretch.


Latest video. It’s a language learning software aimed at very young children that was produced by Hitachi. Even bears the “Hi-Saturn” logo on the front cover instead of the usual Sega Saturn branding. Only game I know of that does this.


if the price was right I might buy that just for educational purposes


I was looking at Street Fighter Zero 3 on ebay after seeing those sweet pics from @Piggychan. Woo, those prices turned me away. I’m looking at Vampire Hunter since I had fond memories spending $5 in quarters playing Darkstalkers at a local arcade in my teens. Was there sequels to the Vampire Hunter/Darkstalkers series?


It’s like 2 in one in this package. Where you can unlock the first game I think with a code.

Vampire Savior needs the 4MEG RAM cart to run tho…



I’m really liking the screen shots! I watched a couple play through’s of both games and ended up buying Vampire Hunter for super cheap.


What are you’re settings are you using on the OSSC?
Pictures look fantastic!