Sega Saturn |OT| - Playin' Saturn each day keeps Segata away!


If anyone’s interested, I’m curating a list of Sega-related Steam games. More specifically, these are ports, remakes, sequels, and spiritual successors to classic games that appeared on Sega home consoles and arcade hardware. There are only about a dozen entries right now, but I’m planning on adding a lot more:

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just 2x scanline and 50% scanline strength



Delisoba​ ​Deluxe​ is a Sega Saturn racer developed by Cave for use as a challenge event on the game show Tokyo Friend Park II. Home versions were given out as gifts but never sold at retail, making it among the rarest, most expensive games on the system.

As for the TFP2 challenge itself, it plays out like this: Two contestants sit on a stationary motor scooter facing a wall of monitors which display the game. The person up front steers while the one in the back holds a stack of boxed “delivery soba" destined for the TBS broadcast studio. The scooter, which is mounted on a pneumatic platform, tilts and rocks as the contestants speed along winding, hilly roads. Along the way, they must avoid hazards like reckless traffic, stampeding cows, and even a banana-tossing gorilla on a flatbed. Coming into contact with any of these will cause the scooter to jolt the rider, sending the boxes tumbling to the ground. The boxes must then be picked back up before continuing. Contestants swap positions at the two-minute mark and win if they reach the studio in under four minutes.

It’s also worth noting that Deluxe is only the second incarnation of this challenge. The original, Delisoba Grand Prix, was a modified version of Super Hang-On for the Sharp X68000.


Very cool and interesting.
On the Saturn, it looks more like a modified version of Road Rash (visually speaking, of course)… Super smooth.


That game looks a lot of fun. Seems a little simple though, is the handling when cornering tough? from some of the turns you made it looks like a bit of a struggle.

It kind of reminds me of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 bonus level, you can spin around as you run but to stay on the sides of the tunnels was a bit of a chore.


I want a Saturn so badly.


You have to let off the gas a bit for a few turns, but it’s not that difficult. If you’ve played Super Hang-On or any of the 2D Road Rash games, you’ll breeze through this as soon as you memorize the course.


Ah ok, it looks pretty simple from just watching the video.

I don’t know why, but I’m always a sucker for Saturn 3D graphics, maybe it’s nostalgia as a kid being amazed by it and being amazed by all the Sega arcade graphics (that looked like a sharper version of the console).

When I got my Saturn with a copy of Virtua Fighter 2 I was expecting crappy image quality with the AV cables but using S-Video, the game looks really well. Almost picture perfect to the Arcade version, plus with S-Video, the game fills my entire tv screen without the 1" black bars on the side. I’ll take some photos when I am home.


That looks like a fun game, but as I understand it, there’s no dump available, no way to even try this game? Tells a bit about its rarity.



^yup. i still think the acapella of that boyz II men sounding take on the theme is a christmas classic!

need to run through the last chapter of Shining Force III: Ep 2 before getting in tho the holiday spirit with that game.


That game alone was the reason why I wanted a Sega Saturn when I was a child.


I’m busting out Christmas Nights at the next available opportunity. Still can’t believe it was a giveaway. Thanks SEGA!


OSSC with scanlines, Layer Section and Tate mode on a 46", magical!


I love that game <3


Man that looks rad! After moving my 12 or so crts to the new house I’m really questioning why I don’t just use my ossc!


Light gun games and input lag?


Input lag, well… I guess you have to consider the lag introduced by your TV, because the OSSC - per se - doesn’t add in any. And about light gun games, I honestly wonder: are they still THAT relevant - in your average yet educated retrogamer’s scenario - to fully legitimate a CRT setup?

Don’t get me wrong, if I could find a pro monitor/consumer set with at least good PQ but perfect geometry (which is the true deal-breaker, to me), I’d get back to it right away. That said, I’d still be playing lightgun games with the same rate of the old times. Which means… Maybe 1% of the grand total of my retrogaming hours? Assuming you can get a very good LCD TV/monitor, with virtually no noticeable lag, I’d personally never suggest anyone against fully transitioning from CRT to digital + Mini/OSSC, based on lightgun games only.


I don’t care much for light gun games so that’s not a concern. As for input lag my tv has 18ms so thats just over 1 frame vs a CRT.

I’m still setting up my crts but I don’t think I’ll be heartbroken anymore when they finally die!


How about the handling of 480i then? CRTs still do it best.