Sega Saturn |OT| - Playin' Saturn each day keeps Segata away!


You’ve got a hell of a point there!

When I finish the renovations on my basement I’m going to have a seperate modern and retro setup( with my 32fv310) and then another area for pvm/bvm/vga crts probably in a desk like setup for fighters. I’m planning on getting/building an arcade cab or 2 which will have crts as well.


Sounds awesome. Wish I had the space for something like that. Post pics when it’s done.


I plan on it! The basement of my new place is 750sq ft and I plan on filling it! Unfortunately it had some real ratty carpet, pink walls and some real poor patch work on the ceiling so I’m tearing it all apart, refinishing everything and then setting up the goods!


I would have never thought about turning the tv unit on it’s side like that. Nice setup!


Pink walls? How? Why?

I just… WHAT?


I recently received a Saturn game I wanted for ages. It demanded I play more Saturn games. Here’s some screenshots I took while playing:


That is just heaven right there.


For real, sweet pictures. Sol Divide looks so good.


got another weird overly specific question for y’all

I got a Saturn mouse to play the Virtua Cop games. I read the JP version of House of the Dead supports it also so I’d like to get that game. However for some reason the Action Replay menu spazz out when I have the mouse plugged in and makes it impossible to start a game. I’m wondering if it’s possible to fix that issue, or if just starting HOTD with a normal controller and then swap it with the mouse will work.


The Saturn wasn’t too picky about having controllers plugged in while it’s running. Nothing like the Dreamcast that way where you could blow a jumper on the controller board. Start it with a standard controller. I have the import (just got it) and I have the Stunner so I would have to do the same as you and switch in the gun.


Sharing DaveLong’s opinion here, you simply have to switch controllers when using the Action Replay Cart and the Stunner gun. I’ve done it a lot with Virtua Cop 1 & 2, never had any issues.

I love the big and chunky controller plugs on the Saturn btw <3


And that click when you plug them in…


My stick with. 360+ board requires me to plug it into the dreamcast after it’s turned on. Everytime I’m like “ok here we go”


Hahaha, yeah :smiley:


I have two Dreamcasts and blew that JS21 or whatever capacitor on both of them because of a wire short in one of my controllers that went unnoticed. I googled it and went ahead and twisted it so the wires touch and both work fine now.

My understanding of it is that Sega went overboard based on a regulation and protected the system from system that way but it’s pretty much an unnecessary item that ends up causing people to think the whole thing has failed.

So if you ever do have problems, that’s your fix!


I can’t stand it anymore. I’ve been watching videos for the past two days. I NEED a Saturn.

I need some help from you guys. I have about $300-600 set aside for the upcoming retro show here in SoCal. I have a few SNES & GameCube games I’m going to buy but the rest was going to go to the purchase of a new Dreamcast but now I think it should be the Saturn.

I was told I need an action replay and I know I’m going to buy a scart cable. I’ve heard that the pseudo Saturn is a must for back ups (so I need two action replay then?). That said, I think I’m going to buy the Japanese unit because the reason for owning it is the Japanese software.

If anyone can recommend some cheaper games for someone dipping their toes in I would appreciate it. Also since this is the first time reading this thread I’m going to have a lot of reading and youtubing to do.

Any help would be awesome. Thanks everyone


I always see new copies of the Sega Saturn pack-in games for sale in the $20-$25 range, which is a solid starter pack. Sega Rally is still cheap. Maybe get copies of Panzer Dragoon and Panzer Dragoon II Zwei, while they are still in the $50-$100 range.


I recognize this is going to sound a lot like a guy who just ‘discovered’ Led Zeppelin, but I was really blown away visually when I recently played Virtua Fighter 2 on my RGB-modded 27" Trinitron. I had played it on my 14" PVM and it looked nice (but everything looks nice on that, especially at that size), and on my Plasma via OSSC, but seeing it at 240p on such a sizeable CRT really left an impression!


Good news is 480i looks good on your TV cause VF2 is a 480i game. :wink:


That’s crazy! I knew it ran in the Saturn’s “high res” mode or whatever, but I didn’t know it was 480i! I can usually tell when I’m looking at interlaced content (the “flicker” drives me nuts!) but VF2 looks so smooth, I just assumed it was progressive-scan.