Share your non-standard gaming controllers! [img heavy]


It’s for PS3. It’s my favorite retail [1p] arcade stick. My pic does not do it justice.


I made another Wii bourbon box fightstick! Neo Geo inspired color scheme.


holy shit that is amazing


Thank you! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


That MC is sooo awesome! Great job!


My SF4 Femme Fatale Tournament Edition Fightstick, Beatmania controller for PS1, Hori Super Gameboy SNES controller, Densha De Go! Controller for N64


I’ve never seen that Super Gameboy controller before! Waaaaant.


I made a padless NES controller out of a cigar box. Thought it might be a fun way to play RPGS. Put A and B on both sides, cuz why not. I can confirm that it is a real fun way to play pinball quest!


Cool idea! Does it work well?

I’ve recently kind of wanted a one handed controller for rpgs.


In my minimal use of it (about 2 hours, finished it yesterday), it works well - I think a t-shaped layout for the directional buttons would have served it better, but so far, so good!


I just picked up a Hori RAP N, but I still use this beast a ton.


Found these while digging through some stuff just now. Don’t think I paid much as I got them as part of a bigger lot some years ago. They plug into my SNES but they look like they could have had some other adapters to be used on other systems perhaps?


Hahaha that’s so bad it’s good. It sure made me smile.