SNES Classic Mini Modding |OT| With Super Power Comes Great Responsibility


@Socksfelloff is correct @Radarscope1 , it’s very straightforward and foolproof (you can’t brick your device)


Ah, cool. Just assumed it was complicated. Even more reason to keep an eye out at retail. I’d probably rather go this route for playing on my modern TV than the Super NT.


Target is the place to look if you want one (in the US). They’re still receiving new stock.


Is it really that hard to find? I’ve seen stacks of them at Best Buy, Walmart, and Target from time to time over the past months.


There are lots of places in the country where it is apparently really difficult to get. Locally, I’ve seen them at Target regularly but that’s it. They do sell out but usually replenish too. Nintendo seems committed to it still.

I’m looking forward to the NES Classic re-release since I could not get one last time.


Have updated some of the links in the OP.

  • Current status with Japanese game compatibility: progressing through letter C on the list of games
  • Almost all USA games are now compatible
  • Fewer and fewer unique problems as we go
  • New discovery to get accurate Super FX2 emulation speed (Winter Gold!)
  • Improved Hakchi2CE tool to make things easier and more streamlined


Wow thanks for the updates! Is there an easy way to do external storage?


External storage:

The most difficult thing is to find a Micro USB OTG adapter that wil be recognized. And a PSU that will power everything (i use a 2A USB plug)

The process of loading games is pretty much the same, you just set Hakchi2CE to use your external storage rather than internal memory.

That said, I don’t have a need to use external storage myself right now. 250MB is enough space for me to cycle through games I’m currently interested in playing, whilst keeping a few favourites on there permanently.

If you’re only interested in 8-bit and 16-bit you can easily fit 150 games (split into folders of 35 or so) internally no problem at all.

For those who like soldering, it’s even possible to install an SD card slot on the PCB.


Now it’s possible to hook up a WiFi adapter and use RetroArch NetPlay!


As NES Classic Minis make their way back into stores I’ve landed on a project to hakchi one of each of the SNES and NES units w/ fairly complete romsets and have them on my living room TV.

Turns out sorting 1000s of roms is wild!! Might go slowly and have maybe a few extras at first and then add from there as I get stuff sorted how I like it.

Clean is good - I plan on keeping the original games on the front page menu and then drilling down for the next sets - maybe my favorite 50 or so in the first folder than I dunno… alpha? By genre? I’m a huge fan of imports on both systems too… I have the USB thing to plug in external storage so no worries there.

Looking forward to spending some more time with these little stinkers.