SNK announces new hardware - The Neo Geo Mini


I kinda just assume that that is because of it just being money grabs tbh. People will pay for the stuff either way so why bother, and just license it out to someone and let them put it out/just make sure the games run and shrug. Same concept behind licensed games at this point, where it is selling on reputation already so is the added revenue gained from making it actually “good” worth the added cost and effort.

You could be right about this thing though since it is so like SNK to actually try but fail horribly at understanding what people want/what the right thing to make is.


I just think that most people at these companies do not care nearly as much about the history of the company and their games as much as they do about making something new. This falls right in line with how Nintendo hardware is perceived by developers as being “old” and technologically deficient and thus completely off their radar for new game development.

The reason only M2 and Nintendo seem to care enough is because both are much more invested in the success of their output given Nintendo relies on most of those old franchises still today and M2 needs to sell games to stay viable as a company and that’s their specific niche in the industry. Is there more passion for the history at both? Certainly, and it’s still financially motivated, but looking back to continue moving forward.

Most everyone else just doesn’t care in the same way. Capcom has shown a little interest recently though.

SNK ought to care more, but who is left working there that does?


Even looking beyond the emulation or potential image quality issues, the design of this device seems absurd to me. It looks too small to be comfortable to play, it’s colour scheme appears off-brand (its supposedly based off a Neo 29, but the NA colour-way never actually existed to the best of my knowledge) and the thing looks like it would creak and when you attempted to use it. Who is this for, exactly?


I mean yeah it’s made primarily around a Japanese cabinet design.

USA version is clearly an afterthought.

They’re playing on their arcade legacy, they were originally an arcade machine that had a small home console division, so it makes some sense. They just screwed up the details here. I would have bought one if the picture was acceptable, now I won’t. So I guess I was a potential consumer.

There are quite a few of these things out there now, I just read about the Data East one, so I guess someone is buying these things.





The crazy thing is, the US had a mini Neo Geo, this is mine in the picture. If they really wanted to appeal to the audience, they could have based it off of the actual cab.


My friend has one of those. If I ever get an arcade its either going to be that or tmnt (not sure how much use I would get out of TMNT compared to a Neo Geo).


Haha the UI is completely ripped from the NES Mini.

Why both visual options have to be blurry is beyond me. Maybe a hack will happen.



I’m actually considering grabbing the Japanese/APAC version just for Twinkle Star Sprites and Ninja Commando. I won’t be able to utilise the TV-out much where I’m putting it, and I’m glad the system’s display is native resolution and the right aspect ratio.

Should I go for it? The comments about the TV-out are a downer but the rest seems fine for my needs…just need a last push haha


Yeah I agree, I kinda want it just as a toy that plays some classics. Holding out for a hack or discounts at this point though.


I caved in. Hope it’s something I can be proud of sitting at my desk! The quality of the controls on the unit itself will be the decider of that…


Received my Japan/Asia version unit today. The packaging and materials used feel high quality which is good, and the 320 x 240 screen is bright with great viewing angles - probably an IPS panel. You also get a NEOGEO branded USB-C cable which is a novelty, though the included stickers to adorn the unit with could have been printed better.

It’s a lot more exciting than the other mini systems so far due to its unique form factor, and the relative air of mystery the NEOGEO itself still holds to me given my only exposure to it are from a few VC/Arcade archives rereleases and plays at arcades in Japan.

The “home” menu is merely functional rather than something designed to fill you with joy every time you use it. Very simple visuals and sound effects and input latency when you select your games. And the lack of switches on the stick is definitely noticable, moreso given it has quite a bit of travel compared with something like the Switch’s analogue sticks.


Triple post - sorry. But an update:

Been playing this on and off over the past day, and I really like it. The screen continues to impress me, and the stick seems more than adequate to let me deftly weave in and out of the numerous bullets in Blazing Star and Twinkle Star Sprites.

Someone familiar with the fighters who tried my unit went straight to Garou and did lament the lack of switches or gates on the stick, but found it playable enough.

I think it’s worth it as a desk toy. Or at least at the Japanese price of 11,500 yen.


Glad to hear some positive impressions. It’s also really cool that the screen is native res. You don’t see native-240p screens too often these days (other than the 3DS).

If I didn’t share an office, I’d probably grab one for my desk too, just for fun.


I love the idea of one of these on my office desk. That’s something I never really thought about til you mentioned it @harborline_765. Again… I hate this forum, but I love it!




It was neat having people take interest in it too. About four of my colleagues have procrasti- I mean tested out using the thing.

Here’s a photo of the screen:

Glad to hear you might be getting one @DaveLong. Will you go for the Japan or International version?


What resolution is that? Don’t make me count those pixels.

Ah: 320x240 (240p) great news