So which color are you getting (Analogue SG)

Ignorance is bliss :sweat_smile:

Lo-Fi Chill Study Beats.

That’s what happens when your country is left off most world maps lol

It’s totally unfair how bad some countries have it. Not just regarding the 50hz thing… The tariffs on video games in some places makes them completely unaffordable too. Brazil, for example really has it bad.

China has an unfair deal too due to their government.

Yeh… I figure it’s gotta be handy in some kind of nuclear war though :sweat_smile:

That’s the joke here anyway!

This reminds me of a phenomenal sci-fi book series I read where Earth was being occupied, and the alien force used Australia / New Zealand basically as a giant interment camp for humanity (Name withheld as that’s kinda a spoiler, lol).

Back on topic, I’ve changed my mind regarding Analogue SG colours, and think I’ll go with the Japanese colours if I do end up order one. The blue accent is so pretty.

With the MiSTer progress I’m kind of on the fence on everything lately. I feel by the time the SG comes out a lot of the cores will be so good. The other thing, they we’re fairly easy to order the last time so I’m not so sure I want to throw $200 at it right before the holidays

Or people don’t know where it is and insist it’s entirely in the wrong place!

@Kawika I’m holding off on the Sg too. The MiSTer looks more enticing to me at this point and its Genesis core looks/sounds great from what I saw online so far.


I’m getting red and white. I didn’t have much choice since I was at work the day it was announced and my friend ordered it for me. Not a bad color though.

Blue/Red because the new 8bitdo controller it launches with has a blue start button.