The Making of Prince Persia: Journals 1985-1993 is out now.

For those nostalgic or just fans of gaming history, this looks to be a treat. It’s also available on ePub and PDF, but a hardcover looks like a must buy.

Sample by author and game designer here:


I bought the version from several years ago. Stings because the layout of this one is infinitely better. Am I really going to read it again?

ps: the PDF preview you’ve added is from the older edition that I have.

Here’s the preview PDF of the new version.


To this day I still never played this game. It looks very ahead of its time though

It’s good.

I need to find time to play the SNES port.

Two great videos summarising all the ports:

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I’m confused by the name of this thread and the book.
Could you guys clarify which is the original (2011?) and the new 2020 release title and cover? Also maybe give an isbn as the various online bookstores seem equally confused?

This is a new hardcover version of the original with new content.

“To celebrate Prince of Persia’s 30th anniversary this year, I’ve worked with Stripe Press on a new illustrated, hardcover collector’s edition of my original “Making Of” journals. You can read my posts about the genesis of this project and latest updates below”

Yeah, even on Amazon things are confused with the new cover on listings for the old book.

The new one has the blue cover featuring a jumping Prince.
Publisher: Stripe Press
ISBN 978-0578627311
Currently ships only from the USA.

The old one has the black cover featuring the opening game scene.
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN 97-81468093650
This one was print-on-demand so it’s likely at this point you’ll only be able to buy it used or digital, but don’t quote me on that.