The Nintendo Virtual Boy |OT| Batteries Not Included

That’s a point, it’s funny how Virtual Boy has a reputation for causing headaches and eyestrain but really, none of that impacted me after weeks of regular use.

It’s the back and neck pain from hunching down to see the displays - particularly the latter if your chair means the VB unit isn’t level with your face.

Oh cool - I’m curious about how image quality is handled given the lens distortion. Is each Virtual Boy pixel super crisp?

I feel like I’ve said this before, but the true smart person way to play the VB is on your back in bed with it on top of you.


This guy tbh.

Yes its very crisp. The oculus mode doesnt completely fill your vision,its like the normal virtual boy screen 3x so it never reaches your periphery.

Only way I play it.

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Played VB today at the Centre for Computing History who are having a Japanese weekend.

Mario Bros and a 3D pong kind of game

Lol so yesterday I said here that I can hold off on buying the VB since the Oculus emulator is so nice. Well, I walk into my local retro store today (who usually has TERRIBLE prices) and I find this package of the system and games sitting on the counter for $199. I knew I had to have it.


Holy crap, that’s awesome! And kinda funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Great deal for a VB.

Man of all the ‘gimmick’ systems it’s the most fun, great novelty to have and play.

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Awesome. Nice selection of games too - you’ve got a whole bunch of arcade-y ones which will keep you coming back for ages. Galactic Pinball is the best game on the system.

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How was Space Squash? It’s on my list along with 3D Tetris. Looks cool.

Great 3D, nice music.
3D pong with powerups.
Nice game.