The official "I almost got it" thread

Sometimes you run into something that you have to pass, but have instant regret.
This is probably my worst one so far. A complete Sony Profeel KX-27PS1 with stand, tuner, speakers. All for 30,-

I simply don’t have the space for it. It’s now being sold off to a buyer in Sweden.


I have a similar story on this. A widescreen Sony BVM CRT in immaculate condition for $300.

At the time, CRTs were still going for like 80-90 bucks at most, so I thought the seller was crazy. Today, it would have been a spectacular deal.

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Yeah, I passed on a PVM-20M4U at $400 that I wish I’d snatched up. I’d already spent some cash for some other stuff from that seller and couldn’t lay out that much on top of it.

I saw a Neo Geo CD in the junk bin the first time I went to Japan for just 500 yen. I really regret not picking it up. I bet it could’ve been fixed up and made a central part of my setup.

That would be an absolute steal. Optical drive replacement is pretty easy.

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I passed on a Symphonic Green Gamecube maybe 7ish years ago, it was $90 NZD but I’d already spent a lot buying stuff from the same guy and I was a student at the time so decided to skip it. I always wish I’d just got it though. Hopefully it went to a good home!

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That looks like a really nice limited edition variant. I’m stlil pissed that Nintendo, Sony, and in the past Sega always skimped on color variants in the US and Europe. I was even more amazed that Microsoft pulled the same stunt with the xbox. Would have loved to grab a kasumi blue xbox or Panzer dragoon Orta white variant.

I missed out on an £800 SNK SC-14-2 in beautiful condition by about an hour, the seller lived 5 miles away so would have been such an easy pickup. Also missed out on a dirt cheap Egret 2 by minutes which again was in the next town along from me, ah well…

I think there’s a smokey black variant that is Japan only too that looks great. Xbox doesn’t sell well in Japan, MS: Here, have all the cool colours

@tomwhite2004 I love the design of the SC14-2, that would have been a great pick up!

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I passed on dozens of Neo Geo AES consoles (including some in box) when I lived in Japan in 2002-2006. The consoles were pretty cheap back then, but the game prices were already starting to rise.

Had I known what Neo Geo collecting would look like in the future, I could’ve made a killing! :sweat_smile:

i passed on a few titles when the saturn scene started jumping up (mega man 8 etc) but no real regrets, outside of MUSHA

i loved that one as a kid, my friend’s dad had it and we’d tried to get further than him. when replacing some of my sega stuff back in like 2013/2014, i didn’t like paying $50-100 for a single game, so i told myself i’d “wait until it got reasonable again” :joy:


No pics, but I saw a perfect condition set of the Sega Master System 3D glasses in box for sale for $100, and stupid me tried to get them for $80 instead of just buying them.

He messaged me back after a couple hours and said he researched them and decided that $80 was too little and sold them to someone else.

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