The official Retro Core / Battle of the Ports thread

Everyone was talking about it in the comments of last week’s video, so here it is. Battle of the Ports Jaguar XJ220.

I love this little gem. For a cheaper device it packs a lot in to a small size!

This week’s Battle of the Ports has the Sega Saturn and Windows take on the Neo Geo!

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We are back with another SNK Neo Geo classic on this week’s Battle of the Ports !

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Some footage from today and the past few months.

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After reviewing the Ayano Mini PC that looked like a classic MAC, I kind of got an itch to try out an even smaller Mini PC. I ended up wit the Blackview MP80. this thing is tinny yet ran fairly modern games at the quality of a PS3 or Xbox 360. Not bad at all.

Slightly earlier this week because I’m off out tomorrow. Here we go with a classic Japanese shooter over 4 systems.

A game that starts on the MSX, moves to the Master System then ends up back on the MSX. Classic action RPG, Golvellius on this week’s Battle of the Ports.

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said it on youtubes, but this was grand - neat seeing the MSX2 version i’d slept on. still a bummer that the ending a promises a sequel we never got!

absolutely top 10 SMS all-timer, people casting it off as merely a zelda clone really miss out


I wonder who owns the IP now? I’d also love to see a follow up to this one.

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A view request this week as I bring you battle of the Ports - Money Idol Exchanger.

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They’ve found me!

HOTWAV R7 Rugged Tablet - A solid performer!

New Battle of the Ports today but the Atari 8bit home computer footage is missing. I’ll upload that on Monday.
By the way, did you know that Money Idol Exchanger Battle of the Ports was uploaded last week? Almost nobody watched that one. Surprised.

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The title says it all. Check out the awful Atari 8Bit home computer port footage that was missing from the main video.

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A retro game that had an official 16bit port late last year on this week’s Battle of the Ports.

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This phone has a built in projector with a better throw distance than my 4K projector!!

How absurd. I love the idea of this but that phone is so thick.