The Retro Game Boards Podcast-Latest Episode: March 31, 2019, "Dark Soles"

Hey folks! We now have a new podcast hosted by myself, @BTails, and @Socksfelloff!

At the moment, we’re going to be recording bi-weekly but will let you know if things change, as well as any other further updates from the group.

Please let us know if you have any comments or feedback. Any input is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy!




Listening along finally!

Not bad work!

Thanks for listening, @D.Lo. Cheers!

Thanks for all of the listens, folks! Stay tuned for more news.

Hi all, new here! Just wanted to say that I absolutely loved the podcast! Thanks for making such a fun listen and I can’t wait for another episode!


Thanks so much for the kind words, @mdsj! Welcome to the forum and glad you enjoyed the podcast!

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Just an update, folks. The next episode will be a little later than scheduled due to some other commitments on our end. Apologies for any delay! We really appreciate all of the listens and support so far.

We’ll have something to share for you very soon. Thanks for everyone’s patience and interest in the podcast!

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The podcast has been recorded and will be up soon. We’ll also have some news to share then. Thanks so much for everyone’s patience :slight_smile:

Hey folks. Due to some technical difficulties, we’re going to re-record the episode. Hope to have it out for you soon! Apologies for the delay and any confusion. Cheers.

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