Unofficial RGB Podcast

Hey folks! This is the first episode of a new podcast by myself, @balb, and @Beartruck. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or feedback regarding the podcast (technical issues or otherwise). Enjoy!


Nice! I’ll have a listen tonight instead of paying attention to my kids.


Awesome! Can’t wait to hear it!

Will you be uploading recordings on YouTube too?


That’s longer than my commute! I’ll have a listen tomorrow

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I believe @balb has archives of his streams on YouTube, yes.

Podcast is on Soundcloud for now, but we’ll see about more platforms in the future.

I’m 30 minutes in and enjoying it! Honestly it’s much better then I’d ever expect a first episode to be! Seriously, great work. If you’re starting at this level I imagine you guys will really be in the groove after a few.

@Conezays You sound ALOT like Dan Rykert
@Beartruck has some backround noise. Sounds like it’s just his computer.

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Yup, computer wasn’t reading my mic right so it was picking up the fan as background noise. Should be fixed in the next one.

podcast wasn’t bad but everyone on it sounded like a buncha nerds.


Great work guys!


Thanks for the kind words and to everyone who has checked it out.

Don’t sweat it, you sounded great otherwise.

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Listening to episode 1 now!

You dudes have nice voices.

Edit: a half hour in and I’m still listening. Nice going guys.

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Sorry to ask but is there any chance of a download link for offline playback?

We’re trying to figure out the hosting situation at the moment. Free hosting options are limited (even SoundCloud, which we probably can’t use in the future). YouTube is a decent option for now since it basically allows for unlimited hosting but we’ll know the hosting situation pretty soon I think.

I am happy to give you free ftp space on my webhost for the interim or even long term if necessary. Can create an account for you guys to do want you want with.

Hey @Suteneko, thanks so much for the offer. Still sorting things out hosting-wise but will try to keep everyone in the loop if and when things change. Sent you a message on the RGB discord.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to listen or give us feedback. It is much appreciated!

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When is the next episode?